Q for colin- competition?


So it seems to me that you kinda take a position as the figurehead of scales, as you appear to be the most active out of the bunch on podcasts and scales lives. You carry scales’ mission of analyzing and appreciating talented players (namely in competition). It also seems to me that you have been the figurehead of the meta. I often see freestyle comments on YouTube critiquing the judging system or players “unoriginallity” but you are quick to defend the competitor and/or the click system (which I agree with). What is your view on competition? We both know that you can be a skilled player and not fare well in comps but what do you think a person with a successful, high clicking, freestyle has over someone who made a dope trick on instagram?


I really enjoy both sides of yo-yoing - the competitive nature & the cool ideas aspect. Especially over this past year, my focus has been to make more fun tricks that I like doing. I don’t think that one person is better than the other in terms of these sides to be honest… However, I think that with competition, there is merit to the dedication & practice people put into things like making their freestyle, practicing it, paying attention to the evaluation categories, etc. Competition is definitely extremely strategic, and I’ve always viewed freestyles as a way of people can display a style with more than just tricks. Some players with generic tricks still pull off freestyles people love, like Iori Yamaki or Yusuke Otsuka.