Staying competitive and building a freestyle

I have a few questions for you Colin:

  1. What do you do to stay relevant and competitive in a sport that is ever expanding and evolving?

  2. Do you think that performing in two categories hinders you by having to split your time developing routines? If you had to choose just one to focus on, would it be 1A or 3A?

  3. What’s your #1 tip for a newer player developing a freestyle routine?

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  1. Practice is key, but I would describe practice a little differently from what you may have heard. I definitely work on my tricks (refining, re-creating, repeating to make consistent) way more than my freestyles. Definitely put more focus into the tricks if you want to continue to improve in skill.

  2. Yes - I’d probably pick 3A until I win Nationals or Worlds, after that, 1A.

  3. Everyone has had a first freestyle before. Focus on having fun on stage and don’t be too stressed about it. It’s good to realize that you really do not have much control at all when it comes to going clean on stage.


Thank you for the responses! Sorry I had so many questions. They were narrowed down from a list of 10 though lol