Making freestyles and tricks

Can you go through your freestyle making process, including how much time you allot to each part? Also, how much of other people’s tricks do you learn as opposed to only making your own? I’m also really impressed at your ability to be top level in both 1a and 3a, how do you manage both?

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My freestyle making process is honestly pretty minimal compared to other competitors. I maybe complete my routines about a week before the contest… pretty much the order of what happens is that I find a song, make a routine, film it, score it, see what parts feel “off” or awkward, and revise. Most of the time goes to me finding a song as I personally find that most difficult, especially when I’d like to set some sort of mood/theme to my freestyle. I don’t really go out of my way to learn tricks at all honestly. Maybe individual elements, but even then it isn’t really that long of a process of me to understand. I feel like not watching very many tutorials has helped me come up with my own ideas to a larger capacity. Also, in terms of managing both, I simply just make sure I never go too long without doing one or the other (usually I do more 1A than 3A). However, sometimes taking a longer break in one of the styles helps as well, as it kind of forces me to come up with new ideas. So, I guess the best advice I can give with that is to just make sure you do both styles to some extent :slight_smile: