Help with 1a contest freestyling

So tonight I’ve decided that I’m going to make the effort to make it to the Mideast Regional contest in MI this year. The last time I went to competition was Wisconsin states 2009. I placed 10th with a pretty weak routine. (you can still see it on youtube if you want)

While my skills are still not 1st place material, I really want to do a better job this time. In my last contest I was pretty nervous and just did whatever trick came to mind. I want to be a little better prepared and polished.

So I’m looking for the basics on how to freestyle.
How do you plan your routine?
What is the best way to prepare?
How do you do a good contest freestyle?

If you look on their website, they have the judging format. You should take a look at that.

To score high you want a lot of variation in your tricks. You want a little bit of everything (tech, slacks, bangers, etc.) Don’t just stand in one place, too. Performance is becoming a bigger part of the overall score so be professional and confident on stage. Smile.

As far as planning. I just do my easiest trick first. By the time I’m done hopefully the nerves have worn off a bit. Create a set of tricks (usually 8-12 tricks) find a song you like and order the tricks however you want. I try to break it up though. If I have 2 slack tricks in my FS I won’t do them next to each other.

Just practice doing your FS over and over and over. Find a solitary room, play the song and go HAM. It also helps to practice with friends who are also competing. Takes turns doing your FS in front of each other. Offer constructive criticism, count clicks, whatever. Within a month of the contest you want to have the whole FS planned and ready. Two weeks before a contest I try to get in 2 hours a day.

And wash your hands 5 minutes before going on stage.

Pro tip: 1 throws score HIGH! I mean high.