how do you guys prep for contests?

Title says it all. Let’s hear it!

I practice.


Maybe make a routine.

Oh, wait, did I say I practice?


Usually about a month of prep. time to build as much consistency as possible. (i.e. not inventing as much rather than working on landing 100%) The freestyle has always come easy to me, all my tricks link together easily and my mounts tend to work together well, so it’s always been about the consistency for me.

I feel like envisioning yourself on stage helps the nerves better than trying not to think about it. Make sure to wash your hands before you go up, but not RIGHT before you get up, so they’re clean but not moist.

Thanks for the tip, Adam! I’ve learned a lot from your post from the other thread. :slight_smile:

1.Practice routine get it smooth
2. get all the tricks in trick ladder down
3. Practice the routine again make sure you get no knots
4. Download song
5. Be ready for competition

do you compete, or is that just an idea? i really do want to know. It would be cool to see you compete.

Work hard on consistency and flow. I usually start doing this 1 month before the contest. Then a few minutes before I go on, wash my hands to make them smooth and dry, eat a piece of gum, replace my string, and relax.

make sure your pads aren’t worn out, or you’ll be like Yuuki Spencer in 2007. such a great freestyle, but he missed a lot of binds.

I go over my routine at least 2 hours a day everyday starting one month before the contest. The day of the contest I only practice the first trick in my freestyle. it sets the pace for the whole thing and my nerves should wear off by the time its done. then I can just relax and finish strong.

I personally practice smart, not hard. And this is the way I started winning contests during my busiest times studying in uni.

  • Choose the right song you feel comfy
  • Make the routine 1-2 weeks before the contest
  • Practice freestyles and notice which part you make mistakes the most
  • Think methods to make hit rate higher, if not try taking the trick out / some replacement tricks

Normally speaking, I would try keeping my freestyles deducting within 6 marks for practice.

And the rest depends on how you perform on stage. :wink: