Picking Becko's Brain

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Hey Colin,

A few questions for you!

1.) Something I see discussed often is tricks that click (meta tricks) vs. tricks that innovate, and how the competitive sphere has influenced the kinds of routines that players perform. As both a competitor and a judge, do you feel that the scoring system as it currently exists stands to hinder the long term development of yoyoing as it penalizes players for taking creative risks (and instead rewards them for established tricks that are known to click)? Why or why not in your experience?

2.) I personally have always believed that practice doesn’t make perfect, perfect practice makes perfect. From this perspective, how you practice is just as important as the fact that you do, and it’s something I’ve tried to implement into much of my life. As an experienced player, what is an element of “perfect practice” that you feel many players overlook or don’t pay enough mind to?

3.) In your opinion what is the quintessential trick to represent modern yoyoing (if you had to choose one to describe the sport as a whole, in its current form).

Thanks for reading! Looking forward to your responses.


Winners Announced! Thanks for all the questions!
  1. I think that this is very true that it hinders the growth due to risks. Especially this year, I’ve been seeing the same ~40ish seconds of trick types in a lot of prelims in the US. Totally understandable, but I agree that the required safety in going clean needed to win definitely hinders the growth of what players can do.

  2. I think that with practicing freestyles specifically people don’t pay attention to recovery & seeing what parts of their routine are most difficult. i think it’s very important to address what aspects of a freestyle are more challenging and work to improve them. I also think it’s good to revise freestyles… film it, watch it, see what you think doesn’t look right, and revise.

  3. 2.5 hook for sure. lol