ways to make a prelim better

Quite simply how does one go about creating a better scoring prelim

I would assume you put together a lot of good scoring tricks.

what would you consider"high scoring tricks"

Try and come up with a freestyle that has a lot of string hits and element changes. If anything, watching some prelim freestyles might be a good place to start. Prelims aren’t supposed to be daring, but they should be done cleanly and smoothly if you want to place high enough. I’ve heard of some pro yoyoers doing basically the same 1-min. freestyle for their prelims. Try and get a 1-min routine that you can do well almost every time, with a good variety of tricks.

The masters of the preliminary Freestyle:

Pay most of the attention to bergy though. It’s not about speed, it’s about being clean.

You want to change up the tricks as much as possible. Make everything count. This means little to no repetition of tricks (boingy boing stuff or hourglass stuff is bad). If you film a prelim and want me to click scores for you, feel free to record it (with good lighting and enough quality for me to tell what’s going on please) and I’ll click it and tell you how to improve it.