What is important for Prelim?


Hi there,
I don’t really know how to create a prelim. What I know is, you should do safe tricks and that every string hit is 1 point. And that technique is 60% and movement on the stage and interaction with the audience is 40%.

How else do you earn points? Does a gt for example give more points? Should I do different tricks like horizontal stuff + fast stuff in front of me + playing around my arm or play only in front of me but faster therefore more stringhits? And do hard moves like a gt suicide give only 1 regular point or can the jury decide by themselves how much points they wanna give?

I’m working on a prelim the last few days, maybe you can give me some feedback? I seriously have no clue what it is all about ^^ This is the first attempt, not 100% clean but I don’t think it will be 100% clean on stage.



  1. The abbreviation “tech” stands for “technical”, not “technique.” Two totally different things.

  2. Only do horizontals if you can do at least 5 seconds of it at a good (45 degrees or more) angle. The judges won’t score much more for doing a trick horizontal that’s no easier at vertical.

  3. I’m liking what I see in the video, keep going with the string hits, but you could mix in just a bit of originality.

That’s good enough for starters, I think. But you’re doing well.


First of all thank you. What do you mean with originality? Some own tricks?

I gonna record a new video in the next days and post it here. Thanks for you help


Stuff you don’t see a lot.


okay thx a lot. I will change little bit and record a new video soon.


If you hit that all on stage, you will probably place pretty high. Not saying you will make it to Finals but that was some pretty neat stuff.


If it’s a small contest he’d definitely make it. A medium one, probably.


Oh that is nice to hear :smiley: What you mean with “small” and “medium” ? It is the german yoyo masters, not that much contestors. Last year there were about 30 people in 1A and I think 12 got into finals.


I would say that that contest is a medium one. Not a huge national contest, but not a really small one that only 10 people go to.


That’s a medium contest in the U.S. I don’t really know what the skill level is in Germany. I can’ tell you but if it were an American contest, you might make it, with only 30 people.