Steves Online Freestyle Yoyo Contest 2014 Prelims are over Please send Videos.

Need more Signups.

Judging- Ok so im ready to start a contest with all the styles of course with some help i need some judges pm me if you can judge and or had experience with Judging.

You count Tech+ (positive clicks) for string hits, cool elements, technical, hard looking, fast stuff, etc. Tech- (negative clicks) are for loss of control, string misses, etc.
The math should be done for you. It should have the Tech+ - Tech- equals Total Tech. Then the highest total Tech = 60 points. You find the ratio of 60 to the highest total tech, then find the amount of points for everyone else based on their ratio to their score (which should equal the highest player’s score to their 60).
Then you give up to 10 points each for Variety, Rareness, Music Use, and Control. If they have to restart their yoyo, that counts as a stop, a discard is a yoyo change (put a 3 into the slot their for every discard so it counts as a -3 point deduction). Then, a detach (put a 5 in every slot for a -5 point deduction) is when the string snaps or comes undone.
You will probably not have to worry about deductions considering the video can be done over and over until hit correctly so do not expect many major deductions.

Prizes- This might be a Contest with no Prizes or if someone can help with the prizes this contest is mainly for fun.

Signup- I already started making the form for Signup this contest may or may not happen depending on the help from you guys please guys i want this to go through so please tell me if you would like the help.

We really Need Judges before we start but the Signup form is here if we get Judges this will work.

Prelims- August 12-30

Please Send Me 1 Minute Prelim With Music No Cuts to Me.

Please Put Your Title of your Video Like This

Steve’s Online Freestyle Contest 2014 (UserName).

Send all your entries to me and the Judges.

I will have other information later.




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Is it a freestyle contest or a video contest?

Contest Is Still Here if Want To Signup.

so it is a video contest? Maybe I want to be a judge for 4A. ;D

Ok its a freestyle yes 1 minute prelim then Finals
So would you liketo Judge i will put your nake on the 4a judges.

Just signed up for judge. but if there is a more qualified judge for 4a don’t hesitate to choose that person for a judge.

Ok but have you had any experience.

not at a judge but I am experienced in 4A.

Ok so you signed up to compete to.


Ok i signed you up but do you know how to judge.

So is it contest judging with points or judging at your expert opinion?

just points.



Contest Started You still can Signup.

This looks fun but I don’t really want to put another freestyle together Cuz I just competed last week.

Good luck with the contest though steve.


I signed up yesterday.