How are yoyo contests judged

I was thinking of going in some yoyo contests in the future and maybe Australian nationals when i get really good but i dont know how there scored and judged. I want to know so i know what tricks i should put in my routine and how i should make the combos. ???

Well these are just a few of the catagories there judged on. Tech, Music use,Professionalism

Those are the three bigones but depending on what contest your competing at there are up to 10 catagories.

Now the tech is judged by positive and negative clicks (now I’m not a judge so I not completely sure how this works so take it with a grain of salt as they say. For example if you land a brent stole you can get up to 3 positive clicks if you miss it you get a negative click. the judge all you other tech combos the same. For every string hit you get you get a postivie click if you miss one you get a negative click.

I’m not really sure how the other catagories are judged but from my understanding thats how tech is judged hope that helps

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(Response copied from another thread on the same subject to save me having to type it all out again)

There is a overview of all the scoring, and here is a very well written post by Jake Elliot on the subject of technical evaluation scores:

I hope this helps.

If you look at the results for this year’s WYYC and compare them to the different styles and routines you can get an idea of the overall scoring system used. :slight_smile:


Clean, fast, technical, variety, original = good

Sloppy, slow, simple, repetitive, unoriginal = bad


That being said, being fast, complex and clean seems to be more important in scoring to variety/originality. Still, it’s good to have all in there if you can. :slight_smile:

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