How are contest scored

So I’ve never been to a competition an I was just confused on how contest are scored?

The judges score it based on the OOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHH’s of the crowd.


This is what I remember hearing from someone that’s judged before.
judges have numbered clickers like these:
I believe they have two. One for Positive points (based on difficulty, how many times they do it, etc.) then one for negative points (based on how many times judges saw an error, how bad of a mistake it was, etc)
Judges collaborate after to see what the overall consensus was, and derive a score based off that.
One judge might click 20 times for a single trick if they were that impressed by it, while another might click 5 times for the same trick.

Ok thanks !

Depends on the contest. Some just by number of string hits, some judge my difficulty of the trick, some judge by style/flow etc.

The current NYYL rules can be seen here: