i heard there is 3 people that click buttons? I’m not sure how it works but I think Jensen had the best style and skill this year. Just my personal opinion. I was just wondering how it all works how they find the winners and when they announce them at Worlds etc.

Contest rules. Read them and be enlightened. It’s also especially important to read the rules if you plan on competing.

At big contests like nats and worlds, there are generally at least 5 judges. At regionals and smaller contests it’s usually 3. Each judge has a clicker in each hand. One is for positive points, the other is for negative points. At the end of each freestyle they subtract the negative points from the positive points and enter the result into a computer along with the itemized performance score. The computer then does strange, mystical things and puts the competitors in order of score, the highest of which is the winner. Tadaaaaaaa.

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