Hello, I was just wondering about how contestants at contests are judged. I just want to know what kind of judging system judges use to identify the winner. Is it based on how many errors there are or the difficulty of the tricks? ???

This is the format that most contests use:

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Freestyle scores will be based on the accumulated point total of two components: Technical Exectution and Performance Style. A net score will be calculated for each contestant based on the algebraic sum of the plus and minus scores as determined below.

Technical Execution - approximately 85% of total score

Positive points may be awarded for advanced level tricks performed successfully, including string hits, pops, wraps, transitions, regenerations, release catches, whip catches, and other yo-yo maneuvers. The styles of tricks should be representative of the division in which the player is competing. Tricks, which a contestant has already completed, will not be scored in a second attempt.
Additional points may be awarded for difficulty, originality, long sequences on same spin, extreme amplitude of a maneuver, and similar yo-yo moves.
Negative points may be deducted for trick misses, loss of control, and restarts. The substitution of a yo-yo for another will count as a multiple deduction if the yo-yo string becomes jammed or knotted. Generally a single point deduction is taken for each miss, loss of control, unsuccessful bind, or similar error. Two points are generally deducted for rewinding/restarting the yo-yo. Three points are deducted for changing out a yo-yo.
No points shall be awarded for any tricks or antics done before the start of the 2-minute freestyle or after the two minutes has elapsed.

Performance style - approximately 15% of total score
A contestant, while performing advanced level trick elements, may earn points for, but not limited to:
Stage Presence
Elegance of control and line
Maturity of yo-yo maneuvers

Final score:

The total points accumulated from the combination of technical and performance points (minus any deductions) will be independently normalized for each judge. Ties will be broken based on which contestant has the highest preliminary score. In the extremely unlikely event that there is still a tie, the judges have the ability to devise an appropriate tiebreaker, or can declare a tie.

Yeah. Stuff’s pretty scary, huh? :wink:

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All of what he said is from this link: 2008 World Yo-Yo Contest - Orlando Florida - July 31st, August 1st, 2nd

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ok, I get the idea, Thanks Guys! :wink:

Hmmm? Naw, I’ve seen other contest sites, but I didn’t copy it from worlds, well, I didn’t copy it at all. :slight_smile:

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What are the Mobius and Skyrocket type tricks?

Moebius tricks are tricks where you open the slipknot and play with the formations you get.

From what I know, Skyrocket is a trick where you basically take the slipknot off your finger and launch it up, but I am not a 100 % on this.

Pheenix, you’re right. :wink:

So is there only one Skyrocket trick? Or is it a subset of tricks, like Moebius?

There’s Skyrocket, then a trick where you do Skyrocket, and catch it in a hat or pocket.