What is scales?

Don’t know if this was answered before, but what is the origin of scales? I.e. what was the inspiration behind the name “scales” and what was the motivation behind the founding of it.

Here’s a copied response regarding the name -
Scales was chosen by Ky Zizan & Bergy when we started to relate to multiple definitions. For example, scales can relate to judging in terms of how people score (clicking ratio, for example super high or low). There’s a lot more, I think it’s kinda fun to let people think of their own definition of it :slight_smile:
@codinghorror also added how he thinks of music when he thinks of scales, which is another huge one.

The motivation behind Scales initially was actually to be a competitive hive mind. We worked together on routines/tricks a lot and really worked to optimize everything. Moving forward to the podcast & stream, we wanted to become a voice for yo-yo. :slight_smile: