Colin Questions- scales and it’s players?

Hey Colin!
Here are some questions:
Why did you start Scales, and how do you select the players to join it?
What is your favorite Yoyofactory yoyo?
And lastly, how difficult is it to judge 1A?
Thanks Colin!

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I didn’t start Scales, actually. It started out as Andrew Bergen & Ky Zizan hitting myself & Nehemiah Peterson up about working together on competition shortly after LVO 2014. We added Dennis Cinquegrani & Keiran Cooper short after, and then a few more people like Andrew Maider, Zafran Aqil, Patrick Canny, Ethan Cheung, & Nate Dailey over time. Some people have come and gone in all of this, but certainly not on any bad notes.

Favorite YYF is probably the Edge. I haven’t tried Edge Beyond but I figure that’s better.

I don’t think it’s very difficult at all - it takes practice for sure, but if you know how to do it, it really shouldn’t be too much of a challenge to judge it :slight_smile: