Colin question- future of scales?

What does the future hold for scales?
Is it a team that others will be able to join or be sponsored by?
Will it start designing and selling its own yo-yos or will it only collaborate with other companies?
Are people on the scales team duel sponsors?
Will scales remain as just a stream/podcast channel for the yoyo community or will it develop into a company?


Don’t wanna say too much about the future of Scales because we have a lot of awesome ideas but not all of them may not work as expected. You’ll definitely see some interesting moves in the next year from us though.

I think as of now, the plan is to keep Scales exclusive team wise. We’re thinking of ways to highlight up and coming players that we see, though, so there will be recognition for players in some regard.

We like doing collabs.

I consider myself dual sponsored.

I think we’ll develop into some sort of a bigger entity… maybe not necessarily a yo-yo company specifically, though.

:wink: #hype


Really awesome to hear that scales is still ramping up! I’ve been using scales as a catalyst to project myself into the yoyo community more. Before I was totally isolated here in the South east but through scales I feel like I’m more up to date on what’s going on in the yoyo world. Keep it up!