Competition vs. Practice/Daily Throw


What do you look for in your competition throws vs. your EDC? Without going into brand specifics, what specs do find cover most if your needs? And lastly, how come I never see you smile in competition? Lol

Winners Announced! Thanks for all the questions!

Honestly, I currently don’t really have a diverse enough question to really have a difference in taste for my competition yo-yos vs EDC :stuck_out_tongue: For competition I usually prefer a few main factors such as a large width (44+ mm), decently heavy weight (maybe 66+ grams)m and a lot of rim weight. Cognition checks in on all 3 of those so I’ve been pretty much only using that ever since I got prototypes in January. I don’t really do enough of “EDC” type yoyoing during the day to really determine if I have a different taste for more casual stuff like that, to be honest.

And hey! I do smile! I’ve been working on it! But to answer your question, I think I’m below average in performing like that because my tricks don’t really allow me to look up and acknowledge the crowd as often as I’d like.


I’m definitely gonna face to look into the Cognition! Wanted to say I’m loving your play-by-play on Scales, and would love to see that continue… which is why I mentioned that smile. You look so happy during the breakdowns I had to mention your intensity during your routines. :smile: