Competition Yoyo size

I just got back into yoyos and see the different size diameters and was wondering if the 50mm or 57mm was too big or too small for 1A competition. Are there size restrictions in your yoyo if you want to enter a competition?

No, there are not. I do prefer slightly oversized throws for competition.

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Thank you and how cool to have my question answered from overseas!

Really? Lol… I’ve seen some people do amazing things with a mighty flea but I’ve never seen one in competition. Could you imagine, guy walks on stage with his hands in his pockets on a 2a comp. Music starts and he just pulls his hand out and starts jammin 2 mighty fleas with thicker strings to make them responsive and thick lubed bearings. Dude, I would pay money to see that!

It seems that these days, the trend is full-sized or oversized yoyos.

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Honestly, I wouldn’t know since I haven’t competed but if I were competing, I would pick whatever yoyo I feel the most comfortable and confident with. So if I felt really comfortable and very consistent pulling off tricks on my Chaser or my Dark Magic, then those would most likely be my weapon of choice.

What exactly makes a yoyo ‘competition level’ when you can theoretically pull off the same combo on a Lyn Fury or Kickside?

I was actually thinking about this just tonight. I figured that when you’re talking pros, the yoyo they choose has less to do with preference and more to do with what tool you need to compete at that level. Even 5% more stability could be the difference between 10th and 1st at worlds.

I could be wrong though. Obviously preference is probably still playing a role, but there is a point of competiton where you whatever you have to in order to be competitive, even if it’s not your favorite thing to do.


But there is a point, indeed, where you need min quality

It seems as long as the yoyo is suitable for the style it’s being used for, then it’s fine.

I’ve seen people compete in 1A using stuff as inexpensive as a PSG and Asteroid, all the way up to stuff I’m not sure what it costs, but it’s definitely in the $150+ range as well. I see people placing at all “price levels”. It just shows “it’s the player”.

For 2A, the variety is significantly lower.

For 3A, I see all sorts of stuff being used, plastic, metal, metal/plastic, high end, low end.

With 4A, i mostly see stuff $50 ad under, but there’s occasionally higher priced stuff. 4A has a huge amount of variety in size, ranging from stuff as small as a Hayabusa and Flying Panda, to as big as a Big Yo.

5A I mostly see full sized stuff.

Whatever works for you to get the job done, it’s good.

No. Takeshi Matsuura won worlds with a Lyn Fury.

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for comps generaly large gaps are good, as well as stable, and wide throws, just because of how the rules work.
But thats only true if you are up there to win, which a lot of people are not. Tons go up just to show their style or have fun while at the comp, in that case any yoyo you like will be a good one to use.
You want the yoyo to feel good, or you will miss strings and formations a lot, and will cause you to loose or not gain as many points.