Competition yoyo

I have a dark magic 2 and I have been told that it is not a competition yoyo. Why is if not a competition yoyo? And can somebody give me an example of a competition yoyo? All input is greatly appreciated.

There really is no such thing as a competition yoyo. It’s whatever you feel most comfortable with on stage. If it’s a Dark Magic 2, then great. Some yoyos may be in "competition category because they’re more stable, but I think it’s whatever you’re most comfortable with.

Just cause people don’t call it a competition throw dosen’t mean it isn’t. any throw can be a competition throw however there are some throws that are built with competition in mind. the CLYW chief and the OneDrop Burnside for example were throws built with the competitor in mind.

Then what’s the difference between a really expensive yoyo and a dark magic 2? Is it spin time and what do you mean by stability

Well one part is that the Dark Magic 2 is bi metal so it doesn’t use as much expensive material as other yoyos. I don’t really know too much about why some yoyos cost more then others. It’s just priced there so the company earns a profit I guess.

And to me, stability is basically a long spinning yoyo that gives some forgiveness.

honestly there isn’t much difference. You’ll soon learn that just about anything you can do on a really expensive metal you can do just as well on a dark magic 2. The only real difference is the price. However some of those metals may be a higher quality throw which is why it might be more expensive.

When I bought my Lyn Fury, the sticker on the side said it was a competition yoyo. Same with the Legacy II.

Nothing wrong with the DM2 for competitions. It has kind of fallen out of favor, but hey, there’s really NO rule that says what you can and can’t use for competition. Other than saying 1A, 3A and 5A need to use a string trick yoyo and 2A using a looping yoyo, whatever you want to use will be just fine.

Also, I have regularly seen people competing with Protostar, Northstar, Starlight, Starbright and darn near anything else. Don’t let price determine what is or isn’t competition grade.

Don’t worry about how a yoyo is described, or whether it is of any particular grade. Just throw what feels good in your hand.

Thanks for all the feedback! :slight_smile: it definitely helps me get a better understanding of yoyos.

Stability also has to do with how easily the yoyo will tilt. A chief will stay upright and spinning for much longer than a dark magic 2. You can still do almost all the tricks with the dark magic 2, the chief will just make them easier. I am just using a chief as an example since I have been able to play one and also it is one of the more known high end yoyos. It is a similar advantage with all high end yoyos I believe