Dark Magic 2 for Competetion?

I was thinking of getting a new yoyo probably a metal since i never bought one but then i was thinking of getting a different color dark magic 2 since i really like the dm. My budget doesnt allow me to get both so i was wondering if the dark magic is good for competition use or should i just get my first metal and any suggestions if so.

The DM2 is a fine competition yoyo. It’s kind of fallen out of favor since it’s a slightly older model, but it’s no less a serious competitor than anything else out there. I’ve seen people compete with everything from $10 yoyos to stuff costing darn near $200 and doing quite well. It’s more about the person and the skill, while the yoyo just helps give that player an edge by finding the yoyo that works best for them.

I have 2 DM2’s. I won’t be getting any more for a while unless people want to sell them to me in person at BAC for a decent price. In case anyone is trying to do so, red, white and black with caps, and blue without caps. YYJ Speed bearing preferred!

However, maybe it’s time for a first metal. What did you have in mind?

for metal throws i was looking at stuff like the yyf genesis, super g CLYW:Wooly Marmot and sOMEThING FIRMY

Interesting choices, all are definitely competition quality as well. I admit I really like my Wooly Marmot.

It’s really up to you which way you want to go. The YYF’s are easy to get, which is a good thing. The CLYW’s are not as easy to come by, which is their only downfall. sOMEThING is relatively new, and I thnk for now over-priced, but hey, i haven’t played one yet so I won’t pass judgement, and they do have some designs I am interested in.

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Hmmm i still have no idea but yeah CLYW’s are hard to buy and sOMEThING FIRMY still hasnt reached US its only at yoyoaddict or UK online stores. Still not sure about the yyfs though IMO i dont really like the colors they have for the Genesis right now and the Super G i want to try it first since it is a bit extreme since the weight is focused on the rim.

Well, best I could offer is if you’re in Sacramento area, you can try whatever I got if that helps you make decisions. I have lots of yoyos all over the price range, including 11 CLYW’s and currently 7 One Drops but that will increase to 9 One Drops any day now.

I think your best bet is to find other throwers near you and see they will be kind enough to let you try their stuff out. Your next jump is going to be on the expensive side. I prefer it when people can make an informed decision based on first hand experience.

Yeah thanks for the offer though i live very far away from sacramento. I live near LA i probably have to wait I used to go to Redondo Beach Pier where they let you try yoyos but lately i havent gone because my parents always have something planned for the weekend. Im still in high school btw so yeah i pretty much go where my parents go unless im going out with friends lol.