what makes a yoyo “competition” ready?

When it is stable with good spin times and you like it enough to be able to perform your combos with it.

Well, I don’t know exactly what determines this, but some yoyos you can just tell what they’re made for. IE POPstar: you can tell this is not a competition grade throw.

Also, most signature yo’s are competition grade

can you do your freestyle with it?
then it’s competition ready.

There are no specific requirements that make something “competition grade”. Most people probably wouldn’t consider a lyn fury competition ready, but takeshi still won with it in 08.
As my signature says, it’s the throw, not the yo.

When its your main throw.

when the yoyo can handle any trick and combo that your current skill level can throw at it and you are satisfied with the yoyos performance

Like Dynikus said, If you can do whatever you want with it then that’s it.

It doesn’t matter what anyone else says. Nothing can change the that fact.

You. :wink:

When its broken and can no longer make you coffee to keep you awake for the contest.

North star!!

This guy knows what they’re talkin bout