Colin Questions- what yoyo(s) inspired the cognition?

Just wondering,

  1. What other yo-yos inspired the Cognition?
  2. What yo-yos would you recommend that play similar to the Cognition?
  3. Some advice you’d give to someone competing for the first time, and how to go about preparing for a competition.
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Cognition was inspired by Ignition - I liked the powerful feel but felt as though it was too slim.
Similar yo-yos to the Cognition are the Edge and Mowl M+. Not very close in shape, but I like the heavy feel along with how easy they are to push still.
Some advice… have fun, practice your tricks and do not do anything on stage that you are not comfortable doing in practice, go on stage before your division starts (usually players will have this opportunity, maybe not), and relax.


Thank you!