Naming yoyos


Colin, if you could make another style of yo-yoing an officially recognized competitive style which would it be?
(double dragon, full loop, nine dragons, fixed axle, Mobius…)


Also, what went into the naming of the cognition?


This. I haven’t tried it yet, but this definitely looks coolest to me.

As far as Cognition is concerned…

I find that the best thing that has helped me succeed in competition is learning the process behind as much as I possibly can. Primarily through learning how to judge, but also in other aspects like revising/optimizing my own routines, thinking about what trick archetypes work best in what rounds, etc… All in all, I would say that cognition “mental process of acquiring information” has really been my ticket to my titles in yo-yo. Now I have a yo-yo that can help me get closer to more titles!


Thanks so much bro! Do you think “Monument” would be a cool yoyo name?


Sounds cool to me!