Why wouldent you want hubstacks???

Im looking for a new yo-yo, and I see some have them and some don’t. WHY WOULDENT YOU WANT THEM?

Please explain this thx,

Noise and vibe.

They get boring and are not necessary

Weight and weight distrobution

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It’s because you will gt bored of it, you WILL. It does not last long for fame, and when you don’t need it, you’ll end up with 2 stubs each side. Yes, holding it, cool. But are you seriously going to hold a spinning yoyo in your hand for the rest of your yoyoing carreer?

dont listen to these guys. i have had a pgm and am lookingat getting an 888x soon. there are great and i know there is much more play to them then much more people think.

there are some cool tricks you can do with them, but they’re really not necessary at all. most people get bored of them pretty fast.
plus they usually add a little vibe, and a lot of noise. (z stacks especially)
Also they can make thumb grinding harder/impossible depending on your stacks.

yeah I think after a while you will probably get bored with them and take them off but maybe not.

Everyone is different. There are lots of tricks you can do with them but that depends on your style.

Either way I do not see anything wrong with having just the posts if you were to decide to take them off.

Hey you can get two small bearings out of it :stuck_out_tongue:

All that being said,( I ) would not spend any extra money on a yoyo just so it can have hubstacks.

But if you were already going to get a superstar, 888 etc. They are good throws don’t let the posts stop you.

Another thing i dont get: Why do they only have the 888x? Where is the other eight8eight, the one WITHOUT hubstacks?

every 888 had hubstacks?

Every 888 has been stacked. the x is just the 2010 edition.

Ahh ::), ok.

I was thinking, why not make somthing like the one drop side efects, one with hubstacks one without?

hubstack posts are not the\at simple :p. however, OD have made hubstack SEs. RSMs rotating side members

:o Where can i find these “RSMs”? ???

almost nowhere. they are only compatible with OD 54 and OD CODE1

id sell you mine for 45.

stock is about 37 shipped.

$45 for your RSMs? Or for your 54/CODE1?


WOW you could get a nice yoyo for that :o

Are they made by OD? Where did you get yours from, so i can see there specs?

rsms are an attachment to the 54. in other words, it isnt a yoyo.

Like CarlG said…you won’t find them anywhere other than BST’s. No specs to really consider seeing as they are Side Effects. If you want hubstacks on your CODE 1 or 54 you’d buy them. If your not sure you just might be wasting your money.

I have a lot of Superstars that all come with Hubstacks. Some have nubs over the posts, some have different stacks (rice stacks, Z stacks)

Stacks are noisy, especially Z stacks, really annoying to other people. They are also boring (imo). I play around with them maybe once every 3 months and lose interest 10 minutes later.

However. I do like the way they make my SS’s play. It’s like having two different yoyo’s when you play a SS with and without stacks.