why girls say that...

so I’m 9th grade,i started yoyoing about 2 months,i went to school first day with yoyo ,all were amazed from yoyoing,but after 2 weeks,they started to say yoyo for kids… and they would better buy yoyo from 1$ that is up and down…
don’t you hate that when girls say that ? :frowning:
or why did you give +40$ for a yoyo…

All of this should have been in your other post.

Math, it and logic go hand in hand

Never happens to me. Then again, almost everyone that sees me yoyo were friends with me before they knew I did that.

i’m in college and no one cares if i throw, but every now and then other throwers come to chill out with me…lol LAME… ;D


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I cant answer this poll.

For some reason, yoyo ‘is’ for kids, if not, than we cant let those 5th grader to do yoyo.

Maybe, yoyoing that is not ‘only’ for kids.

You might want to add “both” to the poll :smiley:


All the girls love when I yoyo. The only thing is they all call me yoyoboy, and everyone in school knows me by that name, but I’d rather be called yoyoman!

Chicks dig it!

like tom smucker?

im in 8th grade and everyone in my school are amazed when i do someth ing as simple as binding

well all my buddys at my skool yoyo so there not impressed with most of my tricks, expet if i learn new tricks then there amazed. and everyone else is amazied when i do trapeze :stuck_out_tongue: so ya

When I yoyo people are usually amazed by eli hops instead of the actual hard tricks like brent stole or hourglass or therom and some like atmosphere more than H2O.

Im a HS sophmore and most of the chicks dig it… I can do something simple like revolutions and that impresses them. But I can also do a lot more complex things that make them go. :o

Well, your from Bulgaria(so am I but Whatever…).Most teens in Bulgaria think that yoyoing is stupid or at least at my school,or maybe they are just bored.
Just ignor’em :smiley: and yeah you shoul ad both

If you are yoyoing to get girls, then you are doing it wrong


true dat!!

Ha ha.I’m from Bulgaria too ;D ;D. In my school people аre indifferent to yoyos (I think i didn’t use the right word).Girls really like it …Hmm but what’s the matter what the people say about yoyos.I’m throwing just for fun.

Exact same deal here.

Excuse my noobishness, but don’t you mean Tommy Smothers? Or is Smucker his nickname here?

I must have done it right then