Why Do You Yoyo And What Do You Love Most About It

Dr. Tom Kuhn called it the “state of Yo” back in the day and I just thought it was a new age hippie thing when I was a kid. Now I understand. Plus it’s still fun after all these years. And there are so many tricks now compared to the 80’s


My favorite part is always pushing myself to learn something new. Especially the tricks that make me want to give up because when you hit said trick, you just can’t beat that feeling


I really don’t remember not having a yoyo. I’m throwing at least a little seriously since I was 10, and I’m almost sixty. Sometimes I’m into learning, and sometimes I’ll stick to what I know for a few years. I was serious in the late 90 through 01, they laid off till 2 years ago. Fun to see how yoyos and the tricks that can be done have changed. I like m skill based hobbies- magic, guitar and yoyo.


I’ve always wanted to learn to play guitar

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