why i appreciate the yoyo community


I find myself with tons of hobbies; hunting, fishing, working out, cars, but above all I love yoyoing. Of course I like it for the obvious reasons, the satisfaction of learning a new trick, impressing friends and strangers and that sort of thing. The part I love about it though, is the people. Yoyoers, in my opinion, have an attitude about them, that they realize that they are not the best. There is always room for improvement. Never in my life have I met a yoyoer who wasn’t mature enough to realize the importance of their fellow man (or woman). They’re always willing to lend a helping hand, with anything, whether it be how to nail that next trick, how to get over those pre contest jitters, of the willingness to just hang out when you need someone to hang out with. To me its an attitude of confidence. Whether that means telling yourself that you WILL nail these stupid black hops and seasick that have killed you over the past few weeks(I don’t wanna talk about it) or the ability to completely close out everything negative and say “i feel like yoyoing in a very public place today, and I really don’t care what people have to say about it” (lets be honest, they’re out there) the fact is ladies and gentlemen, that yoyoing is in fact a very special hobby, whether you can do a gravity pull and nothing else, but sit there and watch in awe as someone nails rancid milk, and you’re trying to get trapieze down. Or you’re the one doing rancid milk, hoping that they nail that trapieze.

My opinion is that it is because this hobby, sport, passtime, what ever you want to call it, has a very underground feel to it. It’s not mainstream. It’s us, its our own little world, and the more friends you have in this world, the happier you get to make people. And the best part about it? It’s not a secret. Anyone can pick up a yoyo, and anyone can win worlds, you just need to realize that not long ago, no one knew anyone of the champions names either, and it could have been you up there, it just depends on when you’re willing to accept your turn.

If you ever get down on yourself about yoyoing, just stop and realize, that not a single person on the planet nailed latter escape their first try.


This is amazing. So true. Also, I believe there’s a certain attitude that most of us players carry. A certain positive, generous, vibe that’s nearly unobtainable with anyone else.
does anybody else agree?


(Owen) #3

And I also believe yoyoers are generally attractive (at least in my case) :stuck_out_tongue:




Same here haha


What’s so special here is that now we know even the legally blind can enjoy yoyoing.


This might be the most inspiring thing i have read in weeks. The fact that yoyoers can go out in public and not give a crap about what people say about it and still have FUN.
I have taught my best friend how to yoyo and many more, just the basic throwing the yoyo down and getting it up was the big improvement for them.

To me yoyoing is like surfing, you have to practice to be good but that it is a hobby but also a way of life now.


Haha, that was very witty, thank you.


… You stay on the “Genereal Discussions” section of YYE, don’t you?