yoyoing community!

does anyone else feel that the yoyoing community is so nice! eversince I started there has been nothing but from everyone including the pro’s! anyone els have something like this?

This one is really nice. Everyone (Except that April Fools kid) is really chill.

I’ve been on others. Couldn’t stand staying more than 30 seconds. This is the nicest one I’ve seen. For the most part though the yoyoing community is AMAZING compared to another hobby of mine where the community is in the garbage.

I’ve been pleased with the yoyo community. I’m relatively new as well. People tend to be nice.

This is unlike the industry I work in, which is aggressive, hard to get in to and you’re constantly watching your back. While I love the work I do, some of the other stuff that goes with it I could do without.

At least in the yoyo community, the only time you have to watch your back is when you’re doing some behind the back trick.