This is the community love thread!

Lately on the forums I’ve noticed WAY too much bickering going on. So, I created this. Post good things that the people in the yoyo community or the yoyo community in general have done for you. The one rule is that people can’t start arguing here. If they do I will ask that their posts/this thread be deleted. So, my story is that I am doing a report on yoyos at school. I had some questions about yoyo design, so I e-mailed One Drop, asking if they’d answer some of my questions, and they quickly replied back saying they’d help. This is the type
of company I like to support, and I plan to make my next yoyo a One Drop if possible.

So, what are your stories.

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Well I guess this isn’t help from the community itself but my dad agreed to give me a loan to get prototypes made in a month :slight_smile: (madly starts figuring out which design to use)
Soon I’ll be sending it to Landon for advice. Also today made up a new trick pretty proud of myself

Man, I feel the love from this community all the time! The bickering is in such isolated little pockets that it hardly gets in the way of the awesomeness I encounter daily!

My favourite part is how encouraging everyone is about yoyoing. I mean, that’s the reason we’re here, so it makes sense… but you almost always see encouragement for people who want feedback for their videos, help for landing tricks, and help for choosing yoyos (sometimes this last one is a bit of a back and forth, but in general every thread has helpful advice)!

Any time I have a question, the answers are there. And when people want to extend their answers a little bit, I get PMs.

Recently was on a bit of a BST quest, and I missed out on an item from a seller. They wrote back later with a link to help me on my quest… they didn’t need to do that!

Been offered loaners for yoyos I want to try; have had opportunities to enter contests and win some gear (thanks MonkeyfingeR and all the sponsors of the Fixed Axle February contest)! Lots of advice for landing or improving tricks…

I mean, there are other topics in unrelated sections that bring the community together as well, but mainly it’s about the yoyoing… and at the end of the day, I mostly feel love in the yoyo threads. :smiley:

The FG Clyw release was cool, it helped a lot of people get some stuff (Including me). And your statement is true, but I see posts like this often, about how lately people were fighting a lot, I guess we never stop! :stuck_out_tongue:

The clash of ideas is important and even necessary in society. Granted, arguing isn’t as pleasant as the happy-go-lucky posts that you usually find here, but it’s still a vital part of communication. Plus venting is normal and healthy. And sometimes people post something very dumb and need to be called out on it.

As Greg said, it’s much less prevalent than it seems, but people love to focus on the negative.

What I love is how much everyone has helped me with trying out new yoyos. I’m talkin’ to you, BSTers.

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I’m not saying that everything should be puppies and rainbows, but it does seem like people have been flat out rude over the littlest things lately.

I agree, and it’s cancerous. I see people get ornery and I’ll want to remedy it, but I get rude in the process haha…

I’ve noticed it reverberates a lot.