Well Thanksgiving is here...

Why don’t you tell me and all of us what yoyoing has done for you? What little thing has yoyoing given you that you take for granted?

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I thankful for yoyo cause it reminds me that there can be a supportive community that has all walks of life, all ages, all skill levels, reaching out and teaching, sharing, learning, and encouraging their fellow enthusiasts.

Yoyo has taken me to new cities, new events, and met more people than any other hobby Ive ever been into. And I have had alot of hobbies! As an object manipulator and juggler for most of my life, yoyo is a full circle, almost coalescence of all the different skill sets Ive spent time with. Its simple, but complex, easy yet difficult.

but more than anything, the one thing I really take for granted, is that when I drop it, or mess up, I dont have to bend over and pick it back up! <3

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Yoyoing has given us Q. I’m so grateful!!

All of this! There’s no better way to say it.

Yoyos ::slight_smile:

I am greatful for all of the people I have met, this amazing community, and yoyo companies running away with my wallet :slight_smile:

Is it a green triangle if I’m using orange string?

I am really thankful to be a member of a Yoyo forum that has its very own Turkey.

Just something Special about having our own Turkey. Our Turkey even has a name.


Maybe the President will Pardom our Turkey?

Could happen😳


Yoyoing gave me a forum to post way too much when I was a bored child.

And then you grew up and had to change your username? :wink:

Yoyoing has given me an administrator to heckle (hi jhb!), a “lurker” to heckle (hi skitrz!), and so, so much more!


I feel like yoyoing has improved my reflexes. If something falls within arms reach of me, I’m able to catch it.

Take up pen spinning and youll be straight ninja with snatching back those rando drops!