Giving Thanks, for YoYos and Beyond (A Turkey Day Thread)


So many times when Holidays come we tend to forget the meaning behind them. We often only concern ourselves with what toys we may get, or the ability to be off from work or school. Holidays do allow us a break from the everyday grind, but there is so much more to it than just a free day.

This Thanksgiving, I wanted to open a thread up to not only thankful for yo-yos and how it has become apart of your life, but also for other things that you are thankful for and don’t normally get a chance to share. I’ll begin:

First and for most, I’m thankful for my family and my wife and kids especially. I have a very special place in my heart for my 2 year old who has autism and thankful that he is still with us. We have had several close scares and near death experiences with him. I’m thankful for work right now as many are struggling with that. I’m also thankful for friends and even people who have become my friends on here that I have not even met in person yet but I feel I have known for years.

From a yoyo stand point, I’m thankful to find something that has such a great community. A hobby that not only challenges me but gives me an outlet to be creative and relieve stress. A way that I can connect and enjoy something with my son. I’m thankful for all of the different designs and options in the industry to help keep my ADD tendencies in check! haha.

I look forward to seeing what every one else is thankful for and hope this carries beyond thanksgiving and into the Christmas season.


I’m thankful for yoyoing, because it helped me meet this ginaurmous community. You always help me when iI’m stuck on something, and you constantly inspire me.

             Don't eat to much dry turkey,


I’m thankful for my parents and all they give to me and have given. As far as yoyoing I am thankful for an outlet besides video games or watching tv.


Thankful to be alive.


Im extremely thankful for my family. I dont know where i would be if it wasnt for their constant support and willingness to help me out. I seriously couldnt ask for anything more.

Im thankful to have the best girlfriend a guy could ask for. I seriously ask myself how the heck i did it. But i did, and im the luckiest guy alive.

Im thankful for my true friends. The ones that stick with me through both the good and the bad.

Im thankful to have a job. I cant say im happy with where im at as far as what i do and how much i get paid, but at the end of the day, it pays the bills. And i am extremely fortunate that i can achieve that. My heart goes out to anyone struggling with a job.

Gotta save the best for last. Im most thankful for my mom. I know i mentioned family above, but i feel that my mom deserves her own. She sacrifices so much on a daily basis for us. She works her ass off to make sure we dont go without. Thanks mom :smiley:

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!



I’m thankful for my parents and what they sacrifice to keep our family happy.
I’m thankful for my friends.
I’m thankful for my education.
I’m thankful for yoyoing and what it is all about and the community.


Well, not to say I had a bad life, because I didn’t, but the holidays are really not a whole lot of happy memories for me. Both sides of my family had issues, and issues with each other, and it’s just basically one long stretch of unpleasantness that I try my hardest to avoid. Most of the big family tragedies happened during this stretch of time of the year as well. As a result, I really don’t get into the holidays. Christmas is now too over-commercialized and the meaning is lost on sales, Black Friday, treks to crowded malls, bad parking and people fighting over stuff that really isn’t worth fighting over. We have a lot of bad priorities and values in America right now, and I’m not sure what it’s going to take to get things back to where they should be.

Of course, suffering from depression doesn’t help.

Even so, I have a lot to be thankful for.

I’m thankful for the the Sacramento Horror Film Fest, who keeps me busy working on various projects all year long for various productions.
I am thankful for SacAnime for being their sound production company pretty much until I decide to give it up.
I’m thankful for Joaquin Lievano, who is an awesome guitarist, who calls me whenever he is on the west coast, to handle his sound requirements.
I’m thankful for working with DJ Anointed. While it’s not my kind of music or my kind of message that the music he promotes is after, it’s still positive, it’s fun, it’s family friendly and it does promote good positive values.(I’m not into Christian music, especially hip hop, but if it helps gives people proper values and a reason to behave properly, it’s all good as far as I’m concerned0
A brief side-note on the above elements:
Doing sound is what I really truly live for, and having repeat clients like this helps me do what I love.

I’m thankful that our latest addition was born healthy.
I’m thankful that all 4 of my kids are healthy.
I’m thankful that my wife puts up with all my crap, including my latest hobby of yoyo’ing.
I’m thankful for a roof over my head and food in my stomach.
I’m thankful to finding YYE to ensure this yoyo thing got started right and keeps me interested, even though I often get stuck on tricks, I keep going.
I’m thankful my sister in law survived getting shot recently.
I’m thankful for another sister in law for flying into town, who was able to stay at my place and feed the dogs and stuff, even while visiting the other sister in law who was shot.
I’m thankful for my two pugs, because no matter how bad things get, all they want is my lap and I feel important again.
I’m thankful for returning safely from my trip to Disneyland. Good traffic and taking turns driving is definitely the way we’ll be going in the future.

We should all take time to be really appreciative of what we have, not in the material sense, but on a personal level. What makes life worth living, enjoyable, and what can you do to either make things better for yourself, but ideally, better for those around you, or even, better for some stranger. I miss doing charity gigs because I enjoy knowing I raised money for some organization that is able to use those funds to help others, or animals, or the environment. I strongly believe that you get what you give, but I don’t give so I can get back, I give because I can. For me, the work is its own reward and I don’t worry about what I might be getting on the back-end.

As such, I am having a good time with this yoyo thing that I’m finding potential avenues for opportunities to give something back, and all it requires is me to find a way to get there. I CAN find a way to get there, so expect to see me at some big contests soon, however, I won’t be competing or doing exhibitions, but I’ll be making my impact know by you not even knowing I’m making my impact known. The end results are that YOU get the best that can be done, and that’s really all that motivates me.

Keep throwing. Keep perspective.

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When it comes to “giving thanks” I made a ridiculously lengthy long blog on my personal tumblr so instead of doing a completely copy paste of it I am going to post a link to said blog.

If anyone wishes to read it, you certainly may. :slight_smile:

Please be for-warned this is my personal blog so I do not censor myself aha.

There is too much to be humble and thankful for to be honest.



And family
free country
soldiers who have fought for us
pursuit of happiness
good memories
mistakes, so we can learn
police, fire fighters, and doctors
Andre Boulay (Thanks for the tutorials!) (Thanks for the tutorials)
And every one else on YYE!


Double post ;D

Healthy Air
Wonderful Girlfriend (who is learning to yoyo!)