Happy thanksgiving everyone!

It’s Thanksgiving here in North America!

So tell us, what are you thankful for?

I’m thankful for my wife, kiddos, and yo-yos of course! Oh, and mangos. What would life be without delicious mangos?


I’m thankful for tea and one punch man.
Happy thanksgiving!!


I’m thankful for so much it would bore people to list it all. I guess in short, I’m thankful to be me and thanks to all those that have made my world the best.

That’s why I’m here on YYE, to give you all something to be thankful for. Some are thankful when I post and some are thankful when I’m absent. It’s good because you all win!:rofl:

Happy Thanksgiving! :turkey:


Happy thanksgiving all. I am thankful for my children and their health, the job that I have and the roof over my head. Have a great holiday all.


I’m thankful for my family. Yoyos. My ability to fix things because it keeps me busy


I’m thankful for my job and my landlord for giving me a big discount on my rent because I’ll only leave when a coroner is called. I’m thankful for not giving up on yoyos. All the frustrations have paid off. I’m thankful that I understand that each day is a chance to be a better version of myself and hopeful that one day I will try to be. Aaaand on a lighter note…I’m thankful for Yoyo Expert and this forum and everyone on it because everyone has something to share.


I am thankful for human beings! The ultimate and bestest animal! The solution to, and source of, all problems!


Hahaha! I won’t elaborate on my hahaha but my mind is much like yours at times. Humans sometimes make it difficult for me to like humans but I have to remind myself that some humans are not all humans.

I’m thankful for the amazing community of yo-yo players here and everyone who supports YoYoExpert! :heart:


Yeehaw!!! Last week I won a signed Hans card and a $10 YYE gift card and ordered the 3–pack random DVD pack and am super excited to see what comes! I’m 52 so I know a DVD is not a model of yoyo. Thank you for everything, Andre!