Happy Thanksgiving 2020

Happy Thanksgiving everyone. I hope you all have a great day. I’m thankful I met so many cool people here and I even got to know some of your real first and last names!


Happy thanksgiving!


I’m thankful I could find people to connect with on a daily basis over this hobby I’ve grown to enjoy so much

Happy Thanksgiving all!


2020 - a year that has become hard to be thankful yet at the same time, also making me become thankful for a bunch of little things that come a long way. Still unable to return to work indefinitely due to the pandemic (and recent surge isn’t making anything look promising) so in that respect, I am pretty upset about this situation. Long post ahead

I am thankful though for a bunch of unexpected small things that has popped up in 2020 - my small circle of friends and I have had many exciting/brutal board game days since everything shut down…where we’ve played games that may be deemed “friendship enders,” it’s only strengthened our friendship and brought good laughs when we see each other’s reactions.

Thankful that the yoyo community has been able to keep strong too despite there being no Nationals, Regionals, World contests…lots of fun yoyos came to me this year, old, new, and unique.

Thankful for bringing a new pet into my home…aka Slink. Slink is getting fat, and where I thought Slink may have been female, might actually be a male.

And most importantly, thankful for my family as always, especially during these trying times - people to talk to when I’m down, need motivation. I’d be lying if I say that I’m “perfectly fine.” Inside my head is like the cast of Inside Out characters squabbling over how I should be feeling, each wanting their turn in the limelight.


I’m thankful for nothing.

I don’t like anybody.

And everything pretty much sucks at this point and time.

Ok, got the venting out of the way.:wink:

…wishing everybody have some fun for Turkey Day.

Practice safety to spare others and yourselves a certainly horrible and untimely death. This Covid is no Joke.

And if you really love the people you will be hanging with this week. Than do your part to stick around to have more fun this time next year.

Seriously, I don’t think things can get much worse. So that means a few more bumps in the road and things just have to get better.

Better is good… friends are good… Thanksgiving is a National Tradition. Let’s All put our best foot forward and invest in our own futures.

We have a great mob of folks on this Forum.

I really wish you and yours the Best in these trying times.


Please give Slink a little scratch behind the ears for me!


And a boop on the snoot from me! :sweat_smile:


I am totally thankful having all the love and support I received this year. Honestly if it weren’t for covid, I probably wouldn’t have picked up yoyoing again. So thanks covid. Lol. Seriously have a great day guys. Enjoy, stay safe, and be mindful of others. CHEERS!!!


Thank you @ChrisFrancz for posting up.

I’m grateful for my family, my friends, and the communities of which we are a part. I’m grateful for this community, and the various circles and strings that tie us together - figurative and literal.

I wish you all a happy and safe day.


What a beautiful post to read.
Thanks for the treat @ChrisFrancz.

I probably wouldn’t be back at yoyoing if weren’t for this community, so thanks to all who had directly influenced for this community, and making my day better.

Happy Thanksgiving!


I’m thankful for a community that makes me wonder what people are talking about when they say there’s so much negativity on the Internet.


Canadian Thanksgiving was a while ago, but I am very thankful for the discovery of this positive and inclusive community. Been a while since I have participated in forums rather than just lurking on them! Looking forward to hanging around here for a while.


Slink is apparently immune to boops. He will take some chin rubs too, surprisingly not head shy!


Celebrating alone today. My mom always celebrated with her side of the family, so it was typically just me and my dad for Thanksgiving. We’d always do a big meal with a whole turkey and everything…and though my dad would often be a poop about it, I’d make us sit at the table and talk about 3 things we were grateful for.
Thanksgiving wasn’t anything major…but they were always a good day. I don’t remember having any bad Thanksgivings. They were my favorite holiday…a nice relaxing day spent with my dad complete with an awesome meal I’d look forward to all year. It also helped greatly that Thanksgiving wasn’t centered around gifts. No stress, disappointment or expectations.

This year I’m celebrating alone. But it is not a sad day for me. I just baked up a delicious looking pumpkin pie and have a Butterball turkey breast in the oven now! I’ll do up some mashed potatoes and gravy a bit later, and will enjoy a nice meal today.

I’ve also been typing up a little journal entry of sorts on my computer of a list of things I’m grateful for this year and why…and that’s been a real nice experience. To step back and really see just how lucky I am.
Times have been tough since my mom’s passed…but I’ve gotten a tremendous amount of help from various people in my life, and I have been very fortunate to have all that is given to me.

Happy Turkey Day guys! Thanks for being such an awesome community! There’s SO many cool, nice, people on these forums. We’re just a bunch of enthusiastic kids! lol


Happy Thanksgiving, guys!


Keeping busy is good. All my family is in SC, TN, and IL. I work today and I have my cat, Buddy to greet me when I get home around 7. Thanksgivings of my childhood were so different. Grandparents, uncles and aunts, siblings, cousins. Kiddie tables. Christmas around the corner. Not complaining or feeling sad though.


I’m thankful for everyone in my life including on this forum. I love you all


Anyone else eat too much? Uhhhh…I need a late evening nap! lol


A late evening nap. That cracks me up. Do you normally go to bed at 03:00 or something?

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lol I’m actually a night owl :stuck_out_tongue: totally kidding by the nap though haha