Happy Thanksgiving 2020

No less than 6 slices of pie for me.

Sugar comaaaaaaaaaaaaa


They brought us food from Boston Market at work yesterday. The manager who ordered the food told me he forgot to get me something vegetarian so he gave me a $25 Shop Rite gift card. All employees got a $25 Shop Rite gift card the week before so now I can go to Shop Rite and buy $50 of groceries! I ate 2 pieces of pumpkin pie and one piece of apple pie, cranberry sauce and 3 containers of corn. A guest brought me loads of homemade cookies that she made while on vacation here. It’s hard not to binge on snacks but I’m getting to the age where I realize too much of certain kinds of food constitutes abusing the only body I have to make it across the finish line.


It seems simple, but this is a very importante enlightenment that a lot of us, ended up leaving on the back burner. Me included. :woozy_face:


Well said

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I feel that. I love sugar, but it comes at a cost. My psoriasis goes ape when I get excessive, causing my skin to break out.
Damn mortality.


Fly-fishing Santa, what an amazing drawing :christmas_tree::fishing_pole_and_fish: