Whose Your Favorite Pokemon...


Seriously, I have never been able to pick just one… I’ve always gone through phases while growing up of favoring certain PKMN… I’ve had lots of different favorites…

Right now I’m digging Sneasel and Weavile.  I think Sneasel will be one of my mains on Pokemon X.  For the first time since Blue/Red, I’m going to try to catch um all and play the pokemon I wanna play… Instead of training/battling competitively with friends.  Should be pretty fun.

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(M.DeV1) #2






Dragonite was always my favourite. My inner pyromaniac also has a soft spot for all the fire type starters.



charizard is the best of both worlds for you then lol


Being a man in my 20’s, I only recognize the OG 151.

Here is my top 5:

  1. Snorlax
  2. Gyarados
  3. Arcanine
  4. Machamp
  5. Charizard

(NotATyrant) #8

Zebstrika…it’s a zebra with lighting bolts,why don’t I have ten of them?

(Jace) #9


(DOGS) #10

Arcanine dude.






O.o That’s like saying Yoshi is your favorite Pokemon lol.

Anyways, my favorite is Pikachu! I have a Pikachu backpack. He’s cute :slight_smile:


I can respect that. I’m gonna be 25 this year… but Pokemon never left me. At first I hated the idea of more PKMN when they added the second wave (cuz I thought they were unoriginal)… but now I embrace all Pokemon, and love all of them ahahaha

I’m actually chomping at the bit to see the next wave…


Favorites have always been Dragonite and Gyarados.


Alakazam is cool…

But mew is the most powerful, and the original pokemon, so… MEW FTW!!! Mewtwo is just a cheap fake…


I hear ya. The main reason I like Pokemon is for the nostalgia factor. It was my introduction to anime after all.

I still have my Japanese card collection too. I just recently found them in a box in the garage, so I went to a gaming store and purchased sleeves and a binder for them.

Whenever I play a Pokemon game (I stopped after Emerald), I only play with the original 151 in my party. It can be a little difficult at times, but it satisfies me on an emotional level. ;D


Ah man… I actually don’t use the OG PKMN in the games anymore really…

I didn’t play Generations 2 or 3 of the Gameboy games. Because I wasn’t down with the new waves of Poke. Picked it back up on SoulSilver and played Black and Black 2. I can honestly say I love every pokemon… Even the cheesy, stupid, or ugly ones. Psyduck was one of my favorites growing up… so you can clearly see I don’t expect much.

It’s pretty awesome having nearly 700 pokemon, and another wave coming out, I mean I can barely keep track of all of them as it is… it’s going to be awesome not knowing the difference between new ones and old ones I’ve forgotten about… I’m so stoked to be in a PKMN game where there is that many Pokemon, with 3D models and attacks.

I’m in loooooooooove. I almost wanna start Black 2 over while I wait


I’ve played and beaten the Elite Four in every Pokemon game, typically by leveling the heck out of about 3 or 4 pokemon. Don’t think I’ve ever filled up the Pokedex though, because after a while it just starts to feel like a chore to me. Beating the Elite Four and your rival over and over again just never gets old.