Favorite pokemon

Ok, I’m the worlds biggest nerd, but I havnt seen this yet, so put em up

Mine is http://cdn.bulbagarden.net/media/upload/thumb/1/14/May_Blaziken.png/250px-May_Blaziken.png

I never got into pokemon. I recently started watching Naruto and Naruto Shippuden and can’t stop.

My profile picture is a result of it

I did that with DBZ a few years back

I’d have to say Dragonite…

none of them.

I all about 1st gen Pokemon. Actually in not into pokemon anymore, but I freakin loved it when I was younger. But my dad banned me from it cause they “evolved”. Oh well
But to answer the question… Vulpix.

Blissey, for sure.

Slicing snakes open for fun.

the pokiest kind! ;D




You just gotta love this…

I remember when I was like that…
My favorite is either Lugia or Zapdos (lugia)

This is my favorite pokemon!


Probably Vaporeon. Or Lucario. Or Blaziken. Or T-Tar. :-\

EDIT: Oh mah god. How could I forget my Hitmontop nicknamed Beyblade!?

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