Anime Fans anyone?

I am a huge anime fan. What’s y’alls favorite anime? My favorite is FMA: Brotherhood. I even have a tattoo from the show! Haha. xD

I’m a fan of FMA too. Got my sister to start watching it (though she really likes it 'cause Ed’s dub VA is the same as her other fav character lol)
My series is One Piece–been watching and reading since it first came to the States as a shi—not so good 4Kids dub and I still love it to pieces.
The .hack// series was my first anime ever, and it’s one of the reasons I started online gaming way back when.
Tower of Druaga and Sengoku Basara are also on my list of favorites, along with Sgt.Frog :smiley: there are a TON of others, but those are my top 6.

Naruto shippuden. :slight_smile:

The original Fullmetal Alchemist series was my favorite.

I’ll show yall my tattoo. I need a new anime to watch haha. But I think its time to watch fma again, I watch it over and over but haven’t the past month.

I’m more of a Manga guy, but I usually watch the anime also: Naruto, Bleach, Soul Eater, Gamaran, One Piece, Fairy Tale, and there’s quite a few others I can’t remember.

^ these series are all awesome. Especially One Piece XP

I really like .hack//Sign. I’ve always meant to watch some of the others, and watched maybe half of another one (maybe //Roots? I forget) but never got around to finishing it. I should do that sometime.

I remember not really being sure what to think about Tower of Druaga. The first episode got it off on a really…strange foot I guess? I was never really sure how seriously to take it, and video game adaptations tend to be a bit awkward in my experience, but at the same time, I ended up enjoying it enough to go through the whole thing in less than a week.

FMA was good. Was watching Fairy Tale and enjoying it until it got pulled from Netflix.

Eureka 7, FLCL, Samurai Champloo, Cowboy Bebop, Paranoia Agent, Death Note… these are good ones!

Bleach was good for the first hundred episodes or so… then… I just lost interest.

I have seen death note, yamadas first time, okami san, kotoura san, blue exorcist, both fma, soul eater, fairy tale, not q fan of one piece but watched some, noragami, psycho pass, apt, Sao, ouran high school host club, the devil is a part timer, azumanga daioh, hmmm, I feel like there is a ton more but idk.

Lol they pulled Fairy Tail too? I was watching Sengoku Basara on Netclix when they pulled that.
These others are all really good too though. Bebop and Champloo are by the same peeps, I believe.
And yeah, Bleach anime is more than half filler, so it gets really boring really fast. The manga is so much better, especially now that it’s on the final story arc.

I’ve never actually read a manga. Haha!

Forgot to mention Sword Art Online (first arc), Knights of Sidonia, and Attack on Titan. Those are all animes I’ve enjoyed recently.

I didn’t like nights of sidonia

O_O never read manga??? You know how people always say ‘the book was better’? So…
Drop your homework/day job/dinner RIGHT NOW and get AoT manga. Or search online for scans.
And yeah, SaO is really good-- if you’re looking for a similar game to the first one in that series, I highly suggest playing Mabinogi.

Right now my favorite anime is Aldnoah Zero!
Mecha animes pls.

Just finished Fate/stay night (2006), now watching Fate/Zero (2011).
The animation quality difference between them is mind-boggling. Fate/Zero has MUCH better visuals; it’s almost movie like. I don’t think any anime I’ve ever watched rivals the production quality of F/Z. It’s just so… pleasing to the eye.

On the other hand, we have Ping Pong the Animation. I feel as if many would skip over it just because of the subject and its art style. However, I would honestly rate it as one of the top anime of 2014. The character development and pacing is great, and it still pulls you in even if you don’t know a thing about table tennis. Highly recommend it if you need a little inspiration in life.

good taste

Gen Urobichi jumping a shark. Straight up leaping a shark. I could expound upon how Aldnoah.Zero is an awfully written show, but would hate to ruin the tone of this thread.

Good taste. If you’re in the market for more stylistically challenging works with great narrative, consider Kaiba and The Tatami Galaxy.