To discuss all your chinese grill cartoonies!

NARUTO anyone? SWORD ART ONLINE anyone? Totally the BEST shows ever.

bait thread

Fullmetal Alchemist is the only anime I could stand…
although I’ve really only tried like 2 others. Should I try SAO?

The GERMAN opening is the BEST one. And it’s DUB is too

who is the culprit?

What corean shou is that master decective from


Angel Beats is good so far.

Attack on Titan! FLCL! Eureka 7! Paranoia Agent! The requisite Samurai Champloo and Cowboy Bebop mentions!
He’s not in here!

I like Weber grills m’self.


If you ain’t talking eva I don’t wanna talk.

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I watch anime on youtube!

Not watching in 144p on your phone

Better be careful, due to the effects of rotational velocidensity, The stuff on youtube may decrease in quality.

I’m only pretending to be retarded. But I love you jern. And that guy that’s in space right now. I’m trying too hard

I really enjoyed FMA Brotherhood.

Baccano! is one of my all time favorites.

Im on ep.2 of SAO, it seems better than the other couple bad animes I’ve tried. Netflix ftw.

I really liked SAO. You guys should also try Akame Ga Kill!

What were the ones you tried that you didn’t like, or what things did you not like about them? SAO starts off pretty interesting, but if you aren’t really a fan of anime in general, it’s probably not the best show to pick up overall. Some of the common criticisms people tend to associate with popular anime (i.e. unnecessary fanservice, male-centric gender/relationship portrayals, hyper-dramatized scenes/plotlines, etc) definitely come into play sooner or later with SAO. I think there is some overlap appeal with FMA, but FMA does some things pretty well that SAO does not. Stuff like keeping a single strong storyline moving forward, tying several character stories together in an interesting way, giving proper attention to developing a wide cast of characters–things that appeal to wider audiences in ways that SAO doesn’t necessarily.

Like I said, SAO starts off really promising, and it certainly has its appeal, but if you go in expecting something like FMA, it will probably end up being disappointing. That said, SAO can be really good at what it does set out to do, and if you are enjoying it for now, you might as well keep watching. There will be a pretty clear dividing point where the show switches gears that should be obvious enough when you get to it, and it’s fully possible to enjoy the show up to that point even if you don’t like it that much after. Of course, it’s also fully possible to enjoy the whole thing, and a lot of people do.

My favourite that I’ve been watching lately is Chihayafuru. I watched the first season a while back and recently started on the second season, and I’m remembering how much I enjoyed it.


Yeah, still not sure why Reki Kawahara needed to include the drama with Suguha. It didn’t really add anything.

And today I have the perfect product for you!

Finished up Cromartie High School recently; was pretty entertaining. Started watching Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou and Gintama recently as well, and so far I’m enjoying them.

As for the other animes listed; I’ve seen random episodes of FMA; looks pretty good, but not sure if I’d really go out of my way to watch it. Heard mixed views from others about SAO, but it’s not really something I’d go out of my way to watch either. Not that it was mentioned yet, but I feel the same way about No Game No Life.

Watched AoT finally after hearing about it a good bit; wasn’t disappointing at all, but wasn’t really too impressed with the events leading up to the end of the 1st season.

Haven’t heard of Akame ga Kill! yet, but it looks interesting. I have a good bit of stuff in my queue already, so I might try watching it whenever it’s done airing or something.