Pocket Monsters thread

Not sure if someone has made this but who cares. So, who is your favorite pokemon? What’s your fav game? My favorite game at the moment is white 2. Not sure what my favorite guy is, but I really like snivy and all its forms.

My favorite game is Yellow!
Favorite Pokemon… Hmm… Maybe Dragonite…

Blue with squirtle :smiley:

That’s my 2nd favorite. :slight_smile:

Silver, Porygon C

Favorite Pokemon: Charizard
Favorite Game: Ruby

Heart gold, Scizor.

I had an amazing 31 atk iv scizor that I’ve been passing through all the games. Maxed out at 394 attack.

LeafGreen or Sapphire.
Zangoose is one of my favorites.

Emerald, Ruby, and Sapphire. Those were the days:)

I like Dragonite a lot too! As for my favorite game, probably Leaf Green.

Woo! I remember when Dragonite was the only dragon type…

Yep. And then Salamence came along and with each game about two or more dragon types have been added and now there is a ton, especially legendaries.

Yeah. Dragonite is the OG Dragon!

I totally forgot about the emerald games. Those are by far my favorite games. And since yesterday, my new favorite pokemon is growlithe. I wish I had a gameboy color, then I would totally get yellow, blue, red and silver and all those.

I have a teal Gameboy Color. At the moment, the only games I have are Yellow and Crystal.

Agreed, Emerald is the bomb! As for newer games I am enjoying Black 2 surprisingly enough but Emerald is definitely the best. Favorite pokemon…there are waaaaayyy too many but some of them include:
and there are many more but they escape me at the time… If anyone wants to play let me know and I’ll see if I can get on wi-fi sometime! I haven’t been on in a long time but I have just about every pokemon game so whatever you guys want (I’ll look up my friend code(s) if someone actually wants to play) Pokemon rules!

My favorite is Crystal. But my sister broke it… :frowning:

I like Treeko

Crystal. Arcanine.

Crystal and Oddish

I like the Pokemon game emerald. tI don’t have a favorite Pokemon can’t decide, but a fun tidbit when my dads cousin worked for intendo she brought the game Pokemon to America or our pleasure.