Original Pokemon Games. Yellow, Red, and Blue

Okay so I was chatting with a fellow thrower and pokemon came up.

I was wondering who all still plays their old games? I have Yellow version as well as Blue. Blue is maxed out all 150 plus missingNo. Heres my party for Yellow; pikachu level 56 venasaur level 58 charizard level 62 blastoise level 58 nidoking ive had since Mt. Moon level 61 and an Alakazam level 73, no one stands a chance against him.

I have a purple gameboy color, a black gameboy pocket (before color, black an white contrast control an all) and a blue gameboy advance.

Not tryn to be rude but this is for OG pokemon masterrrrsss, dont wanna hear about your pearl version or whatever.

Peace an Love - Sammy

1st gen is still the best. That said, I’ve finished at least one game from every generation so far and can’t wait for X and Y to come out in about a month’s time. Most excited about getting to pick up one of the gen 1 starters. Charizard, come to papa!


I got to like level 60 on a bunch in yellow but just couldn’t beat the big 4 boss peoples at the end…

I’ve still got a yoshirb mew from toys r us on gen1

I got fire red! I got a Mewtwo, the 3 legendary birds, and a Charizard on my team, all level 60+ I beat the elite 4 but havent beaten the whole game yet… I play every now and then :slight_smile:

Pokemon games are just fun to mess around with

Yupp, I find it relaxing, feel like im five again hahaa.

We aren’t taking about fire red. We’re talking about the original.

Ahh Pokemon Red/Blue. Video game perfection.

Still have my original Red, all 151 Pokemon which took forever. My lineup of choice at the time:

Mewtwo lvl 100
Snorlax lvl 100
Blastoise lvl 100
Mew lvl 100
Flareon lvl 100
Gyarados lvl 100

Made the fatal mistake of naming myself “Ash” instead of my real name, which drove me mad for many a year, and made the even worse mistake of catching a missingno, which deleted my bike making me have to walk everywhere.

Picked up another Red version last year and been playing that here and there. Absolutely love it, just as good as I remember it. :smiley:

What great games…

I just learned yesterday that Dittos were failed attempts at creating Mewtwo, so that’s why there’s so many Dittos in Cerulean Cave.

Have you been watching those ‘Did you know gaming’ videos on youtube, Links?


No but I’ll check them out today because they already sound interesting lol

They get a bunch of the more well known youtube game bloggers to post little trivia videos on various gaming series. There were 3 or 4 videos for Pokemon XD