Pokemon Black and White

I am sooooo pumped!!! Who else is excited ?? what version are you getting ??

Back in my day, there were only 152 Pokemon, and we were happy.

Well, then you’re obviously not a true fan of pokemon, so why even post in this thread?

Black and White will be amazing, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise!


The TRUE fans are the one who stick with the content that is original and exciting. Not the content of a few people sitting at a table turning everyday objects into Pokemon.

Also, the TRUE fans call it pocket monsters.

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Well I don’t play it because if I was into it, it would be waaaaay to mainstream for me.

back in your day there were 151 :smiley:

also, am i the onlyone who goes hunting around for all the old pokemon games? AND its the only reason i did an ipod jailbreak. yeah. im a true fan

I didn’t do any hunting.

Red version is in my gameboy. Blue and yellow are in my case.

Come on guys dont start with this TRUE fan stuff. I played Blue/Red/Yellow back in the day when they first came out, i also played Gold/Silver, Ruby and Sapphire, FireRed and LeafGreen, Diamond and Pearl, Heart gold/ Soul Silver remakes, and im going to enjoy playing Black version. Its game why not enjoy it :smiley: ?

Very true I think I might get black or white

I think I will buy white. I have played almost every pokemon game since Leaf Green and Fire Red, and they are AMAZING! :o They provide many hours of fun and entertainment for me, just like yo-ing!

I get that a lot of people like the new games but I don’t like where they took the franchise. In too many Pokemon they shouldn’t keep making more. I am a true OG player of Red yellow blue gold and silver.



would you count MissingNo?? It was a glitch but If captured MissingNo appears as number 000 in the pokedex. so i guess yea you can say 152 :smiley:

That or he is counting that HO-OH Ash saw in the first episode of Pokemon.


Ho-oh is still second generation, no matter where he first saw it.

I know, but I was just counting possibilities you could be thinking of. Missingno is still not a real pokemon, no matter if you caught it or not.

Did you really just say that there are “real” Pokemon?

Agreed, it’s rather immature. But black and white look pretty cool. Especially with the graphics. update. The pokemone attack animations are supposed to be really good. It will be cool to see them move more like they did in gale of darkness. And it is true that I like the old pokemon better (I don’t know why they thought it would be cool to make a pokemone out of a refrigerator) I must admit that it would be pretty boring to play with the same pokemon over and over.