you decide the topic

I thought that there should be a thread about what the thread is about. But, besides trying to figure out what the thread is about. So what is the point of this thread?

Go Fish


You know, as soon as I looked at this topic, and saw that you posted last, I KNEW that you would say ponies.
But I kind of agree.

Yeah I’m kind of known for them now… But they’re just so cool!

I’m quite happy to see you posting ponies Q. =D

Here’s my philosophy:

I recall posting that picture before… I love seeing it every time.

Have you watched any of the episodes Q?

Yessir, I only got about 5 in. But what a wonderful five they were.

Sweet! I thought we needed more yoyoing Bronies! So what made you start anyways?

I wish I knew.

Got to love Scoot! And where do you get most of your pictures?

i think its the pony thread

FunnyJunk is a goldmine if you get in the right threads

ponibooru is where I get most of my stuff. You just have to weed through some crappy pictures but it’s a good site overall.