you decide the topic


I thought that there should be a thread about what the thread is about. But, besides trying to figure out what the thread is about. So what is the point of this thread?

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Go Fish




You know, as soon as I looked at this topic, and saw that you posted last, I KNEW that you would say ponies.
But I kind of agree.


Yeah I’m kind of known for them now… But they’re just so cool!

(Q) #6


I’m quite happy to see you posting ponies Q. =D

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Here’s my philosophy:


I recall posting that picture before… I love seeing it every time.

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Have you watched any of the episodes Q?

(Q) #12

Yessir, I only got about 5 in. But what a wonderful five they were.

The Winning Forum Game!

Sweet! I thought we needed more yoyoing Bronies! So what made you start anyways?

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I wish I knew.


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Got to love Scoot! And where do you get most of your pictures?


i think its the pony thread

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FunnyJunk is a goldmine if you get in the right threads


ponibooru is where I get most of my stuff. You just have to weed through some crappy pictures but it’s a good site overall.