The official Q appreciation thread!!!


I don’t know the guy personally, but he never ceases to make me laugh! And for that Q, I thank you!


wait until he sees this…his ego is going to be nom nom nomming on this thread and all that is said in it…

but yeah Q is a good guy, a little crazy but he’s a down to earth kind of crazy, he has that “do not care what you think of me” which is a good quality to have, he’s a character and is always fun to have around.

(Raphael) #3

Yes Quinton is quite a charming fellow


I’m really curious as to what Q will post here.

(J△NW△LF W△LF) #5

where would this forum be without Qs witty bantor :smiley:


Wow he get’s his own thread of appreciation. :o HMM

I decided to do something controversial GIFSoup


Q=excited, awesome, and funny.


chanting Q!!!

(DOGS) #9

Q is just an O with the fun bits.






Lets go Q!



(Jei Cheetah) #15

Quinton Cheesin Haley.
You crazy bucket of spaghetti…

: D



Does anyone else have a feeling he’s delaying a post here just because he wants to see us go on and on about him?

Q, I know you’re reading this, and aren’t responding just to annoy me and everyone else here…


Q is pretty cool.


Q, we’re on to you!!!


Q we know you are out there, just watching us and laughing.