my little pony?

I dont understand… why are people obsessed with my little pony things? Why is there this attraction towards my little pony all of a sudden? Its one thing that almost confuses me to a point of anger :stuck_out_tongue:

What do you like to watch on TV?

I’m not a Brony myself, but it’s basically an activity they like to do, like how you like to yo-yo. The biggest rule on the internet is not to judge!

No… not at all. You clearly do though according to your signature gif :stuck_out_tongue: why is it so popular? And im not judging im just wondering about it

They like to watch the show just like you like to watch a TV show.

Ok i was just unaware of a tv show . Keep on beein bronys everyone :slight_smile:

It’s just a fun show.

Because there is now a massive, fairly mainstream fanbase for the show, it "allows’ people to enjoy the show, rather than feel pressured to hate it because it is “made for little girls”

The characters you see in people’s posts and such are just from a good TV show that airs an the hub. It happens to be somewhat girly.

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I don’t get it either. It started off as an internet joke, and then it caught on like wildfire in a hay field. Bronies don’t even realize that they are the punchline.

I’m curious too. I think the only way to truly find out is to check out the show. I got plenty to watch now but hopefully I’ll get around to it at some point.

If I’m gonna watch cartoons, I’ll stick to watching Archer.

I had a conversation with my ten year niece this weekend where she was quite forthcoming in expressing her consternation over a man of my age still wanting to play with a “child’s toy” like a yoyo. In her mind it appeared my social skills and level of maturity had been stunted in some form. It clearly impacts her feelings of respect for me. When I expressed that yo-yoing was a hobby of mine she wrinkled her nose and said; “It’s not really a hobby, it’s a child’s toy” (She is a very precocious 10 year old.) For her there was no difference in my yo-yoing and sitting in a sandbox and playing with a plastic bucket and shovel. She just can’t wrap her head around the idea that it is any more appropriate for me to toss a yoyo than to play with Barbies in my bedroom after I get home for work.

Obviously for me there is a huge difference between Barbie dolls, sandboxes and my participating in this sport I enjoy. I feel wounded by my niece’s attitude. She was not wishing to make disparaging remarks about me, she just can’t envision my tossing a Duncan Raptor around as anything other than strange and maybe even a little creepy.

I cannot understand the fascination and interest teenage boys or adult men could possibly find in “My Little Pony”. It’s seems strange and maybe even a little bit creepy to me. However, that’s just me. I don’t understand why so many people enjoy Reality TV either, something I find spurious and most likely scripted. Although I personally cannot fathom the pleasure derived from MLP, I say if it is something of interest to you, enjoy it to it’s fullest and have a great time discussing the program together in your unique fraternity.

Let’s strive to maintain an attitude here on our forums that individual amusements apart from the one we share corporately is something we will embrace as the charm of the eclectic character of our community.


It has helped me learn the magic of friendship.

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I honestly feel like it’s kind of a joke. I’m sure that there are “Bronies” out there who sincerely love the show. but the rest i find are just like some of my vegan friends. They tell you about it. I would have had no idea my friend was a vegan, nor would i have cared to ask. But he told me. Now this IS different, as if they come over to my house, I need to know that for food preparation. But with bronies, they have them in their avatars, and the most common thing I see is “Yeah im a brony dont judge” No one would bother you about it if you didn’t show it off. Showing that you like ponies and then become offended when someone think’s it’s childish is like leaving a trap for a mouse, or leaving those bait cars for car stealers to take.That’s the reason i don’t like to yoyo in public, because people view me as immature. They wouldn’t have insulted you had you not purposefully announced that you liked ponies.I don’t have a problem with liking MLP, I have a problem with people who show it off and become offended when some people decide to react honestly.
Just my two cents. Hope I’m not offending anyone here. and if i am, pm me and I’ll ask a mod to delete it. that simple.

The common denominator here is not that the person with a hobby has a weird hobby, it’s that the person making the judgement has no idea what they’re talking about.


It’s kind of like people saying, “Isn’t a yoyo a childrens toy?”. It also go for the show, “Isn’t it a show for little girls?”. But when you actually try it, some may like it some may not.

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People aren’t supposed to judge.

I would say that the Venn diagram between bronies and the type of person who would be on internet forums like /b/, where a joke meme like this would be created…is probably just a circle. They realize it.

I definitely agree that there are a lot that just are in it for the weird factor but a lot of us just like the show.

I also dislike when people freak out and get super defensive when someone think it’s girlish, because let’s face it it is. But I can like most get past the fact I’m watching multi-coloured, miniaturize, talking, equine. I watch it for the art and the comedy.

As for my avatar it’s not to show how strange I am (My posts do that well enough) or make you a brony it’s just what I think is funny\cool at the time.

That show is so funny but so bad.

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Very few people learn about the show from /b/ anymore. Also anyone who uses the show as purely a meme gets on many bronies’ nerves too.

Uh, thank you for warning me? Would you honestly tell someone that in person, that they’re the punchline in some huge circlejerk? Some people do genuinely love the show/fandom you know. We also don’t all have to rub it in people’s faces.