What are some of the greatest moments in YYE history?

I only been here since September of 2012 and only thing I remember was the yyf mystery box/bags and Black Friday
That crash YYE.
So what are some great moments here

I wouldn’t say the mystery boxes were a particularly great moment. Certainly a notable moment…just not viewed that positively by many.

I only remember coming here when it first opened and thinking there were way too many YYJ fanboys so I left…

when I joined :P.

the sniffy code 2s were a notable moment.

In no particular order:

  1. I think the mystery bags/boxes were great moments. Sales so big, people crashed the site to get them. I still loved it.

  2. That YYF Pro Packs sale was phenomenal…a classic, and the way to do a sale. A sales week that changes every day. I have seen no store do that. It seems unprecedented for an online yo-yo store.

  3. I was not around, but the site launch.

4… I was not around, but the change to the most recent logo. It is perfect now, and one of the most recognizeable logos in the industry.

  1. The Jason week artwork, and the unveiling of “Cartoon Andre.”

  2. Implementing the contest van.

  3. The release of the YYE Trading Cards.

  4. The decision to have Yo-Yo Expert Edition yo-yos. :wink: Keep 'em coming!

  5. Generally the success of this forum. It is hard to promote anything yo-yo if you are not involved. The best yo-yo forum in existence.

  6. YYE on Facebook too.

February 07, 2011, 10:01:56 AM

That is the exact best moment in YYE history.

Josh Yee’s great returns and bans.

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the great brony uprising!

That was especially cool, the amount of people involved was a feel gOod moment!!
The outing of Heath and vsNewton catastrophe was notable, not great but definitely a big deal.

This isn’t exactly a great moment; more like a memory, but I remember dv888s and DM2s used to be sooo popular at the end of 2011 and start of 2012 when I joined. Just thought I’d share this.

Oh, the beginning of stick it click it was sorta a big deal.

I would trade so big for one of those I need one bad

The Ti Walker release. I don’t know why that one stands out so much. I guess it was because it was so hyped and the throw itself was so good. Just a really standout experience emotionally and materially.

Very seldom does the buildup meet or exceed expectations. Heath hit that one out of the park.

Free stickers with purchase?

The best moment is every day when André replies to hundreds of emails with a kind and helping attitude.

Also, the day Sniffy Passed was sad and big.

…But the bronies were purged from the forums.

And I still don’t understand why. Andre promised to explain the whole situation to yoyoexpert (There was a heated discussion and Andre stepped in and said something like “Calm down guys, I’ll explain why so many bronies were banned on an announcement next week”), but he never did explain why. :confused:

What is a “brony?”

A brony is someone who is healthily obsessed with the hit TV show, “My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic”

you should check it out.

A fan of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.

The fourth generation show, the one people are a fan of, was much better than the original series and many people on the internet (Including me and many other former forumers) became fans.

Yeah, it’s weird.

We had a brony thread on the Unrelated board. This had about 200 or 300 pages I think, until it was locked and several bronies banned. Mods said that it was locked due to pointless comments and spam type stuff (like 1 word comments, and tons of captioned pictures). The reason why so many this angered us is because the “How high can we get” thread does the same thing, but the Brony thread gets banned. So some bronies used some language, got the ban hammer, and MLP discussion has since been banned from YYE. That’s as far as I know.

one of the greatest moments in yo yo history…



The brony things are not banned, I actually talked to Andre vocally about the matter.
The old thread was closed but anyone can make a new one… Just nobody has.