brony thread locked???

what? why?


Moderators got angry over something they shouldn’t have.


PMd skitrz 5 minutes ago.

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K good. Hopefully this will be resolved. It’s silly for them to micromanage our thread when that’s basically all we can talk in.


yes please…

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I mean I like this forum. But whatever’s going on has to stop.


This is so stupid, I never thought I would see the day when someones rights were taken away like this.

thank you!

in a vague way, this is technically discrimination! isnt that aganst the forum rules!?!

It is, I mean seriously, we were in our own freaking thread. What is any issue here?


Even though I hate the Brony stuff, I don’t have a problem with there being a thread based on it. But honestly, there are no “rights” here. This forum is owned by YYE, and they decide what happens. Rights are irrelevant. They can run the forum however they wish.

i can understand banning brony stuff except avatars elsewhere on the forum, i mean it is a yoyo forum, but this is crazy! the brony thread is kind of like a forum within a forum! a subcommunity! in UNRELATED discussion!

I understand this. But it is upsetting to see our own thread closed when people can have a thread about any other thing, but ours somehow is exclusive from those and gets locked for no reason.

Still doesn’t mean it makes any sense. If they run the forum poorly then people won’t want to use it so much.

(not referring to you, just don’t want to make a double post) Whenever people call bronies annoying here it’s normally because they keep dragging us out to fight them.

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you know what, i have an idea. make a new website called “bronies who yoyo” or something along those lines.

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Yeah, it’d likely be DDoSed or attacked in some other manner. It wouldn’t be worth it for a small group of people. Just get skype and join our group.

i dont have a webcam or computer…

Let’s wait out the wait for pm responses. We have a thread and we have skype, and I don’t feel like either making a half baked website or whipping out php and apache right now.

I wish I had the ability to do that. I liked YYE unrelated section cause it was a good layout and a good resource for us to hang out and talk.

When I think about it though, with the way things are going, I am not enjoying the forum like I used to.


what about yye bronies who dont have skype? maybe a chat room in another website or something. or a reverse brony thread

“yoyoers of the (put mlp forum here) thread?”