A mod said a brony was banned who is it?

ok this is going too far… ill check traces brony list and check each of their profiles to check, brb.

It better not be Josh. He was ONLY helpful throughout this drama.

yoyospirit got permabanned for a pretty ridiculous reason though, so you never know.

I thought it was you yoyofoot or josh

Aaah. It was probably Dev1 or whatever his name was.

lemme check

He’s permabanned!!! How? Why? Who?
And M.Dev1! Why? His avatar isnt even a brony!

his signiture is. and its not dev1 or yoyospirt, it doesnt say that they are banned.

What does permabanned mean

i belive it mean temporarily banned, not sure.

Maybe it was removed or something? Does it say if people are banned?

Permanently banned.

I feel stupid but I noticed all of you seem to like bronies but I have no clue what they are can someone explain, I might want to get into it.

Well it’s a guy who likes my little pony friendship is magic

its 13 year old and older guys who watch a little girls show called “my little pony: friendship is magic”

and anyways, i dont belive jrod said a brony was banned, he said a member was banned. maybe thats what theyre dealing with now.

still wanna get into it?

Yoyospirit is permabanned why???

Bronies are fans of My Little Pony.

EDIT: WHAT hes BANNED! hes been so kind to me! he sent me a free axle! he doesnt deserve that!

psh I don’t see why not. Where do you watch the show at?

online on you tube or on “The hub”