can we all agree?

I think the moderators here have gotten out of control.
I’m not one that often speaks up or does anything of the extreme (other than this sport, which I love) but, seriously?
I don’t like nor do I use the other forum whatsoever, because this place seems much easier to navigate and such. I also know who’s who on here.
But, I can post a poll asking “if you were a hot dog, would you eat yourself?” But, I can’t freaking post about mlp anywhere but in a thread that we bronies were ALLOWED to have, but it gets locked?
Plus, things here have just been off in general.
Musicians. A community.
Readers. A community.

all but the last one seems to be completely allowed here.
honestly sounds like discrimination from the forum.

I can understand that the no mlp rule (with written exceptions) has been violated before but…
Can we come to a fair compromise?
We have a written list of all bronies, and we all have possible contact to them (as the mods, or anyone does). So, just could we not just simply make a compromise to not use mlp outside of our set areas and have the rights that other sub-communities here on the forum?



in before the lock

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I think it’s because MLP has gotten out of hand. This is a yoyo community. Sure, people can post off topic stuff and chat about different things, but the Brony community has gotten too big for a yoyo site. There are people here that only come here to post about MLP, and that’s not the point of this forum. The moderators have warned people numerous times, and it still gets out of hand, and the people make posts like this complaining about what’s going on. Also, there are no rights here. The moderators can do what they think is best for the forum. If you want to see out of hand moderators, look at the old Steve Brown days at YYN. Those were ridiculous times. Moderators aren’t deleting things for no reason or censoring criticism towards certain brands. They’re limiting the discussion of something that has nothing to do with the very basis of this site, and I see no problem with it. I don’t care about the Brony thread. I just ignore it. But if the mods don’t like it, it’s well within their powers to get rid of it.


I mean all of this by future use, by the way.

I’m a moderator on this forum because I like to yo-yo. I don’t care for My Little Pony. As a moderator I feel the need to read or at least skim through most or all of the posts that are made on this site. The My Little Pony thread took lots of maintenance. I can assure you that many posts were deleted that had no business being on an all ages forum.

My suggestion is this:

If you are a fan of My Little Pony simply go to a forum that’s for people that like My Little Pony and make an account there. Come here to talk about yo-yos and go there to talk about My Little Pony. Seems like a simple solution to a simple problem.

Edit - ShaunC nailed it for the most part before I could post this.

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Well…The mods are not out of hand, in my eyes…they even said, they have their reasons…When A boss fires you, he doesn’t need to tell you why, he can do what he pleases within work conduct/rules. But, they did say to calm down, they are fixing shenanigans, so I wouldn’t post any more things in conjunction with these recent rash of incidents, or else it may anger them more. If they’re even angry, that is. So, yeah. Let’s all calm it for a week, and let nature balance out.

We should have a peace week (or day) on here.
Where we talk of nothing but yoyos. Plain and simple.
No foreign communities, just straight up yoyos. What this site was made for.
Anyone else like the idea?

I wan’t saying that, at least not directly, but I likes the idea…though, kind of hard to enforce, but still. It is always fun to make things right.

The thread was for people who have two things in common: we yoyo, and we like MLP. The moderators haven’t complained about the how high can we go thread and the posts there are even more inane.

I don’t know HOW this turned into a bronies thing again though. There was drama in the how high can we go but that was unrelated. This was a pretty inappropriate response by the moderators. It feels like they keep making more about us bronies just to justify their actions more.

And banning Josh was so uncalled for. That feels like it was just because the mods didn’t like him.

All the moderators are doing is driving people away from the forum.


Then it would only be fair remove the whole unrelated discussion all together.I mean it IS a yoyo forum.Did you see some of the bands posted in the “rate the band or musician above you thread”? Some of them are very vulgar for an all ages forum.Music? there’s another forum for that.Video games? There’s another forum.Pretty much anything in the unrelated discussion has another place on the internet for it.I agree on the fact that us bronies have no “rights” but we do have privileges ,and so does everyone else on the forum.Whether you take them from us is your choice ,but I just think it’s unfair to take a privilege from the bronies and let others have the same privilege when they do the same as us.I’m not one for long posts ,but I feel this needs to be said.I’m thinking about leaving yoyo forums all together if it stays like this.


I agree. But even so, even just having our thread back would be great at this point.

I say just get rid of the Unrelated Discussion Section in general. Especially in the “narrow-mindedness” way the mods comments are. Just my 2 cents.

I’m not sure if it was us Bronies who stepped out of line and started posting new threads about the show or non-bronies who dislike the fact there’s a thread about a show that’s for a different target audience (i.e. little girls). Was it wrong to step up and say something or just let someone bash what you like? And when you step up, it seems that the post either gets deleted or used against you. Thus causing “drama” that Bronies are accused of starting.
This is a yoyo forum, yes. But it’s called the “Unrelated” part of the forum. Like previously said, “there’s a thread for video games, Kingdom Hearts, Metal, etc…”. Isn’t people wanting to talk to other people who share the same intrests in other things “unrelated”?

My apologies for the rant, I’ll see myself out.

So… people have pojnted out things that I have forgotten to.
Seriously. If you treated the rate the band (or whatever) like you do everything else, it would be a little like,

Mod edit

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ozzy Osbourne

Mod edit


The reason the “how high can we go” thread doesn’t get locked is that it doesn’t bother anybody. Nobody takes anything from that thread out from it. Where as bronies have their avatars, signatures, and avatar messages. And “how high can we go” has much less people who religiously follow it. And to be honest, i think the Unrelated section is great. it gives people a break from all yoyo-related stuff. But a short break. Everybody needs to be silly every once in a while, otherwise they’re just dull.


Hey, do we need to start another Spidey thread again? It seems this one’s getting pretty heated.




I need to find you and give you a good high-five.

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