can we all agree?

how i feel about brony topics:

I more browse the other sections. But I do probably browse it more than the unrelated section.

And honestly avatars shouldn’t bother people. I don’t like most of the avatars here but I don’t care. Generally, when people get mad at bronies for bringing ponies outside our thread it’s because we were dragged out of our thread to fight this fight again.

I understand that everyone needs to calm down. But it’s much calmer when everyone was sorted into their place like it was maybe a week ago.

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Thats a wise choice, the leaving the yoyo forums that is.
They are inane and retarded for the most part, look how you fools babble non stop.
Look at yoyo reviews, someone just reviewed a 6 yr old yoyo.
Apparently, he/she cant find anything better to do than to slag a yoyo that was made six years ago, a yoyo that spawned a revolution in yoyo manufacturing, but oh noes it vibes we better call it s piece of crap.
Yo-yo reviews are pointless to start with, a six year old one, is just that much more so.
Yo’s are so high quality now, that reviewing them is pointless, it is nothing more than giving an opinion on the yoyo and its specs.

Yoyo involves the physical act of throwing a yoyo, not blabbing about it for days on end, if all the yoyo forums vanish over night, I really do not see how Yoyo would be worse off, in fact I think it just might be better off.
I think the inane forum competition of ‘how long have you been throwing’ as in
‘Ive only been throwing for two months look how awesome I am’, or ‘Ive been throwing for two years see how good I am’, does nothing to foster creativity, forums have turned every aspect of yoyo into a competition, collecting, reviewing, even commenting on yoyos is a competition, its retarded that something so goddamn fun has spawned this sub culture of blabbing about how awesome you can yoyo, or you can collect, or trade, or sell.
The most creative and cool yoyoing is going on right now in someone house, or room, and this person has no clue about yoyo forums, and for that I thank the gods of yoyo.
Go throw a YoYo, don’t blab about it too me, I dont read replies, very rarely, so it is pointless in a sense, Im not here for discussion, just go throw a yoyo.


I disagree. One of the nice things about our community is everyone involved in it tends to know each other. What’s the point in that if you can’t learn anything about each other?

It is an important section.



almost every mod


I love the unrelated discussion.It’s fun to talk about things I enjoy with people who yoyo.I honestly barely discuss yoyos.I really love the brony thread.I love to talk about things I enjoy with people who enjoy ponies and yoyos ,so if there’s no brony thread.I am not to be associated with the yye forums any longer.

The brony topic was locked because jayyo and yoyofoot started playing games spamming the place, around 100 posts in 30 minutes (5 pages).

As to discriminating against the bronies and not moderating the How high can we go? topic, well that’s just nonsense. It does get moderated quite frequently. They just recognize why it was done and move on w/o complaining about it. Most all repetitive quotes trains are removed, as are just repetitive posts. I know, I’m the one doing it.

The Unrelated section serves a need and it will remain.

Thank you for your service, o kind knight.

thank you for the explanation jhb, now I get why it was locked. :frowning:

Why does it matter if we were playing a game? Why does it matter if the How High Can We Go thread plays a game, even moreso?

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Well ,I guess I have no reason to be here.Good bye everyone.It has been a pleasure to associate with you all. I’m out…

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You really don’t get it do you?

Wise choice. It’s getting hot in here.

What do I not get? The thread was about climbing in post count. Didn’t seem harmful.

How many times has the How High Can We Go thread been locked/removed? It hasn’t happened as much as ours. And the bronies thread was meant to bring people together, not to just make posts.


Yes, but the people who post in that thread don’t have avatars and signatures saying “How high can we go #25!” or “Yeah, I post in the how high can we go thread. DON’T HATE ON ME!”

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Then again, you’re show hasn’t started a fanbase with many websites branching off from it… And it’s only a select few posting it it as well…



This is getting ridiculous.

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It is the internet.