Flame Fights

There have been too many flaming fights recently. Brony against Non-Brony, Jayyo against jhb, you name it. It pains me. These forums have fallen down because no one wants to accept differences. We are here to have fun and discuss about skill toys that we all share an obsession with. Yet, everyone has to say “You don’t agree with me? I hate you even though we haven’t met!”. Now I know this isn’t going to stop, haters gonna hate, etc. But can we at least have some respect? It’s always fun talking with you guys, but when we get caught in flame fights and hate each other, it makes everyone angry and we lose the use of talking on these forums. I’m not implying that I’m perfect, because I’ve gotten into flame fights before and probably will fight in the future, but I think that we should find respect and get along as much as we can. Tolerance is the best way out of what we have fallen into.

Just take a look at my signature. The dumbest are the ones looking for a fight. Speaking the most. Stating their opinion the most


These issues are the result of maturity or lack there of. As soon as those acting this way grow out of these shoes the next generation will be filling them. Keep anything to PM because if someone looks back through your posts they may not trade etc. with you as a result of actions on another thread. These forums are PUBLIC, act as though you are out with your grandmother.

My grandmother died last year. :’(

Other that that.

I agree with you.

Oh, yeah, I have another Grandma…

Agreed. I’ve joined a few but I try to stay civil in them. I’m ok with a bit of arguing, but people need to at least think situations through when they give some input and not just pick a side.

I don’t understand why this community often leans towards being rather inconsiderate…

This was pretty relevant:


and we need to not tear each other down because of our ideas! I’m about ready to stop visiting this forum, because I’m tired of being bashed by 30 year olds.

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Try to not. The more good people we have here the better. Otherwise it can only get worse.

We’re all a big happy family!

Sometimes we have our fights. We can get over them together!

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If people don’t want to, they will go on.

I know. We are a happy family. Well, most of us.

Hey, I resemble that last remark.

I like this post!!



Guys, thanks for making my opinion look legitimate and not staring another fight.

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What I feel some of the problem is when people start to call what is supposed to be a discussion an “argument.” Whenever that happens it never turns out very well.

Precisely. Twice just today I have had to PM apologies because when I felt I was simply participating in the banter of the ongoing conversation some felt I “was mad” at them and attacked by my remarks.

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“Some of them want to be abused”

-Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This) by Eurythmics

Some people just want to be victims so others can feel sympathy for them.

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This is a point of discussion. Don’t take it as something else.

Does anyone feel that some of the moderators have kind of been fanning the flames a bit?


Yeah, I guess maybe I do too. Instigator rather than referee.